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Dating - Dressing for Impact on the First Date a Mans Guide Part 1
First impressions count and the wa you look on the first date will influence its success - It's a fact 80% of women are put off by a man who does not know how to dress correctly.

Dating - 10 Tips to Get the Girl of Your Dreams
Do you have to be drop dead good looking to get the girl of your dreams? The answer is no. The fact is most girls simply don't go for pure looks and the phrase what's on the inside is as important as whats on the outside is just as important if not more so in getting your dream date.

Body Language - How to Use It to Your Advantage PART 1
You can use body language to your advantage to get someone to like you and by observing someone else's body language you can get clues as to whether they are comfortable with you and like you.

Body Language - How You Know Your Date Fancies You - Part 2
Basic body language and what it means we have covered in part 1 of this article. In this part we will look at the intimate gestures that not only show your date likes you they like you a lot!

Dating Russian Women - A Guide For The Mature Man
Depending on your physical and mental conditions, a man's libido and desire is as much or more when he is over 40 than when he is younger.

How to Write Your Own Personal Ad
Writing a personal ad is like writing a love letter, a poem dedicated to your future life partner. You're essentially writing an ad seeking someone who could and would live the rest of their...

Three Quick Tips for Successful Online Dating
You probably have heard about how the online dating industry is exploding in popularity. It's not surprising when you think about the convenience and the low cost compared to...

Is Chivalry Dead - Should It Be?
Is it really necessary to open all doors, pay every bill and throw coats into puddles? I think not, though chivalry does comes in handy during the initial stages of dating...

Men's Online Dating Email Tips! Triple Your Dating!
Have you been dating online and are frustrated with poor responses to your emails? Or even worse, women not replying to your first emails at all? This is enough to make you give up isn't it?...

Men's killer Dating Mistake!
Once you are good at meeting women online, or anywhere for that matter. The next step is to be able to qualify the lady quickly. By qualify I mean ...

First Dates - Advice On Modern Romance
No matter how wonderful your date is compared with the schmucks you've been seeing (or married to) do not tell him that he is a nice guy...

Dating and Seduction: The Three Rules of Dating
Dating is a crazy thing. Most people on our society haven't figured it out. But it's pretty cool once you've gotten it figured, like my good friend and parter Vincent DiCarlo...

10 Tips On How To Get That Girl Now
Everyone has a special skill, whether it is humor, conversational ability, or athletic prowess. Think about your number one strength and incorporate it into your dating regime...

Dating Advice for Women: Put on a Skirt and Start to Flirt
Ellie wanted to step up her feminine charm to become more approachable for the men she might meet during the work day. She spent time thinking about the way she dressed for work...

The Dating Matrix
There are things which become more obvious as you gain more experience and exposure, but are still constantly denied by anyone in the spotlight, and even by some people in your life who are close to you...


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