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Online Dating - 3 Tips to Succeed & Find The Partner Of Your Dreams

Today, more than ever before, online dating has become the place for people to meet and you can meet someone to if you use online dating services correctly.

After getting to know each other safely (online) can physically meet and often form a relationship.

Here are the best 3 tips to follow to succeed at online dating.

How Online Dating Really Works

Online dating is nothing more than a database.

The database is addressed by either people on it or not on it, and a search will produce results of a person who fits your particular search criteria.

Online dating can be a free service, or a paid for service, and to enter, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire.

This is really your database field sheet, and it is filed away like any database system.

Added to this, online dating services have internet messengers (like ICQ or MSN) and even live video messages now.

The dating services are not only keeping up with technology, but spurring it along.

Once into the service, you will fill out a search criteria form, or can browse the whole database if you wish.

When you find someone that suits you, its time to send your first message. However, decide in advance what you wish to achieve with that person.

Do you want a date, frienship or marriage? Whatever it is you wish to achieve, have it in mind before you start talking.

Your First Message

Your first message to someone on the dating service does not have to very clever, but it must be simple and honest.

You can simply start out by saying, "Hi. I am John" or "Hi, I was impressed by your questionnaire. Let's get acquainted".

Girls and guys first messages should be the same.

If you are answered, its time to follow the 3 tips below.

Tip 1. Be Honest

It's so easy to lie on the internet, and so tempting, but if you really wish to meet the person you are talking to, you must be honest. Don't lie.

The lie will haunt you one day, and ruin everything. Be honest. If what you are is not good enough for the person you are talking to, talk to someone else.

Tip 2. Be Interesting.

There is nothing worse than a dull or stupid dialog for online dating. You don't have to sit and think up things to be interesting.

Ask questions of the other person, and one thing will lead to another. However, it's necessary to be interesting.

You must have things in your life that are interesting and that you are interested in. Find those which are common with the person you are talking to, and you will be interesting. It's that easy

Tip 3. Be Direct

While it's important to be polite and decent, you also should be direct. If you have decided what it is you want with the person you are speaking with, suggest it.

Be direct.

If you wish to start dating, say so. Suggest a first meeting in a crowded place for coffee.during the day (so you are not going to scare the other person), and you will see, they will come.

Sometimes you will get suggestions of sex and other offers.

If that is NOT what you want, say so too.

If it is what you wish, go ahead and make your plans. Be direct in all cases. It's the best road to where you wish to go

Online dating can bring you in contact with thousands of people and this is something you could not be able to do otherwise. Follow the three tips above and you will succeed.