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Online Dating - How To Be Safe

Ready to enter the world of online dating? Is it safe?

Maybe yes and maybe no, but that is up to you. You have to protect your privacy and go slowly with whomever you are talking to.

Here are all the rules you need to make online dating safe.

Getting Started - the Basics

When meeting new people from the dating site, keep your contact just to the written for a while, a few weeks.

Try and ask questions about the person's life, what they do, what they are, and so on. Get to know the person's biography.

If they suggest a meeting too soon, you do not have to disagree, but answer you would like to, as soon as your time and schedule permits. Draw out the first contact till you know the person better.

Moving from the Site to the Telephone

Before actually arranging the first meeting, try and move your contact (if you wish it) to telephone conversation.

Here you can get even more impressions about the person and even try and guess their intentions. Keep to the phone for about a week till you agree to a first meeting.

Arranging the First Meeting

The best place to meet is in a coffee shop, and during the day. Try to find a place you know, and you are a bit known there.

Do not arrange a night meeting for a first meeting under any circumstances, that is, if you are concerned for safety.

The crowded coffee shop and day hours are the safest. Keep this rule sacred. Try also to limit the first meeting to no more than 45 minutes.

You need to reflect about your impression of the meeting, the person, and how you felt with them.

Arranging the Second Meeting or the First Date

If you still concerned about safety (and you should be), your first date should again be in place with lots of people. A good restaurant, popular bar, or club are good ideas.

The smartest idea is to meet there, and not have the person pick you up or you pick the person up. Right after work gives you this excuse. Arrange your first date like that, and you will again have safety on your side/

Ongoing Activity

Now that you have established your confidence in the person you have met from the internet, you can move on to normal dating routine; but do only those things for which you feel comfortable and confident.

Sex and the Internet Partner

If you have decided to get into a sexual relationship with your internet partner, you should also remember that you may not be the only one he or she is seeing.

Never have unprotected sex, never. Your safety and your life may depend on it.

Multiple Internet Relationships

Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet more than one person at a time and further, have relations with them.

Statistics show that the more sexual partners you have, the greater the risk in contracting even small sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

You cannot be too careful in protecting your health and personal safety in this case. Unprotected sex must not enter into your options.