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Online Dating - Planning For The Perfect First Date: A Guys Guide Part 1

You have arranged a first date with someone you have never seen and this by its very nature can be stressful.

You have met someone online and now its time to meet face to face - Your excited and want it to go well so you need to plan.

Let's take a look at how to arrange a first date and make it a success.


The best way to meet first of all is in an environment that will make your date and you feel comfortable.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is booking a dinner table in a busy restaurant.

Think about it.

You have never met and you end up sitting down to dinner with someone you don't know and your right next to people who can hear your every word.

Hardly the best way to meet and feel relaxed!

A better alternative is to meet for a quick drink before hand in an informal but busy environment so you both feel comfortable but you won't have people listening to your every word.

Check for a bar or coffee place with good space between the seating and hotels tend to be excellent for this.

There comfortable, busy but not crushed and you can talk freely in a relaxed environment.

This allows you to relax and get to know your date and then if you are both getting on go for dinner.

Your date maybe nervous to and she will appreciate this informal and no pressure way of meeting.


When you meet you obviously want to look your best should you be formal or informal?

It's up to you but if you wear a suit you can't go wrong - Most women love men in suits and it shows you made an effort.


We all know that conversation should come naturally but on a first date it can be hard so you need to avoid those long pauses that can occur.

Decide a few topics that you would like to discuss before hand in line with her interests. If its music check out a few of her favourite artists or if its books then discuss these - Just make an effort to know about a few of her favourite pastimes and you can start chatting about them, if conversation does not flow smoothly.

We have covered this more fully in our other articles and if you know how to do the art of conversation you can get both you and your partner more relaxed.


On a first date it goes without saying you need to be punctual and friendly, but dot be too friendly! Don't invade your date's space, get to close or ask questions that are too personal.

Your aim is to be friendly polite and show good manners - We have covered body language in other articles, where you can see from your dates body language if she is relaxed, or if she likes you - But in the first instance simply make sure that you go to quickly to soon.

First dates are stressful but by picking the right venue, showing manners and leading the conversation you will relax your date and yourself and hopefully it will be a success and you will meet again.