Amazing Diet Secret - Natural Appetite Suppressant

The worst thing that you can have while on a diet is sudden and profound hunger pains.

Here is an amazing diet secret, direct from the Aryu Veda.

The Aryu Veda is the oldest medical book in existence, written thousands of years ago in ancient India.

There are some foods, which eaten in combination will naturally suppress your appetite. The trick is so easy, and works so well, that you will wonder why everyone does not know it.

The Human Appestat

We all have a sort of switch in our brains that tell us to stop eating. Many obese people have defective switches (call the appestat).

Most of us have good working appestats, but our bodies still crave food, against our basic natures.

Eating Cycles

Many doctors and dieticians advise on eating smaller meals but more frequent that three times daily.

After eating only a small meal, and waiting for the chemical and physical reactions to hit the brain and activate the appestat, we stop feeling hungry.

If you are dieting or even not dieting, try the 5 small meals a day plan anyway. It's very good for your health and your stomach is not obliged to digest a massive meal. You will feel better for it.

Sudden Hunger Pains

We all have them, and when we do, we often reach for some convenience foods. This is the worst thing that can be done for a diet.

If you are hungry you must eat a fruit or something that will not add calories and fats to your diet. The obvious bad choice is chocolate candy. Nothing could be worse for a diet/

The Natural Appetite Suppressant

If you take a few (no more than 10) raw peanuts, and eat each one slowly, downing it with a few sips of hot coffee, you will have added only 30 calories to your diet, but you will see your hunger pains completely disappear for more than 3 hours. It works every time.

You must however wait 10 minutes after you finish before the hunger pains leave you.

Hunger pains, like most natural sensations come slowly and leave slowly, so don't expect an instant disappearance.

After you eat the nuts and drink the coffee, so something to entertain your mind and body.

Walk and window shop, or if you are in the office, do some stair climbing on the stairwell. Just pass your 10 minutes without thinking about food or how hungry you are (and soon to be 'were').

With your hunger gone, go about your business and if you are on the 5 meal a day plan, enjoy a small but tasty meal at your next opportunity


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