Best Diets to Lose Weight

What are the best diets to lose weight? Let's find some proven diets that will help with weight loss and shed those extra pounds fast.

Very Low Calorie Diets

The Very Low Calorie Diet, or VLCD, is a special diet to be undertaken with medical supervision.

It offers rapid fat loss but can be dangerous. It consists of the consumption of a special powder mixed in with 200 300 ml of water to be taken three times a day.

The drink, similar to a milkshake, provides 1914 kJ (456 Cal ) of energy per day when consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It contains all necessary vitamins and minerals, although there is a risk of overdosing on selenium if a person consumes more than they should (more than three times per day). VLCDs should only be used for dieting when a person's body mass index exceeds 30.

In addition, at least two liters of water must be consumed per day and a person should consider using dietary fiber supplements regularly. Without this, the person risks severe constipation.

VLCDs can be very successful, but only when used over a six to 12 week period. Because the body is essentially starving, it is burning up its fat stores and lowering its metabolic rate.

As soon as the diet ceases and normal food is consumed again, there is an immediate increase in weight. Short term use of VLCDs (one to four weeks) will have little, if any, benefit for the dieter, as the increase in weight will negate the weight lost in the first place.

Once the full course of the diet is finished, it is up to the successful dieter to maintain their current weight via exercise and sensible eating. VLCDs put a great deal of strain on a person's body and should only be undertaken with medical consultation.

1. The High Carbohydrate, High Fiber (HCF) Diet

Dr. James W. Anderson of the University of Kentucky Medical Center established this plan.

It resembles a diabetic diet in that it offers exchange lists from which dieters can pick and choose for their menu. In addition, it includes a "beans group," which adds foods high in soluble fiber (such as oats and beans) to one's menu.

For more information write to the HCF Nutrition Research Foundation P.O. Box 22124 , Lexington , Kentucky 40522 .

2. The Prudent Diet

Designed by Dr. Norman Jolliffe in 1957 for a New York men's Anti Coronary Club, the diet is balanced, low calorie, and low in saturated fats and cholesterol.

It calls for a total of about 2,400 calories a day (compared to the American average of 3,000) with less than 35 percent of these calories derived from fats an increased proportion of protein, and a reduction in carbohydrates and salt.

The book, The Prudent Diet, is widely available, as are free booklets from your local heart association, containing cooking advice on how to minimize saturated fat.

3. The "Eat to Lose Weight" Diet

The New York City Health Department refined the Prudent Diet and published a low cal, low saturated fat diet that is easy to live with.

The diet offers two exchange plans: a 1,200 calorie diet for "most women and small frame men" and a 1,600 calorie diet for "most men and large frame women."

If the diet is promising them that they'll lose seven pounds a week, it's probably not a real safe diet.

Most Americans that start a weight loss diet will lose anywhere from like one to three pounds a week, maybe a little but more the first couple weeks as they're body fluid status kind of adjusts to the diet. And after that, between one and three pounds a week is a good, safe way to weight loss and, if that's what the diet promises, it's probably a pretty sound diet.

The conventional, traditional approach is consuming a low fat diet, and also now, more recently, a low energy dense diet, which means you have lower amounts of calories per weight of food.

Fruits and vegetables, for example, have a lot of water content, are low energy dense foods, whereas foods that are very dry, like pretzels and crackers, or foods that have a lot of fat, like cheese, are high energy dense foods.

So the high protein diets that are popular right now, high protein with either low carb or moderate carb.

Some know them as the Atkins diet, that type of thing, or South Beach diet.