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Dieting : Lose Weight Fast

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Lose Weight Fast - The 3 Most Important Tips to Success

There are three reasons why most people cant lose weight and this applies to about 90% of people who embark on a diet to lose weight fast.

The three tips below are applicable to any diet, will help you lose weight fast and allow you to enjoy ANY Food you like.

There easy to do and will make your dieting a pleasure rather than a chore.

1. Be Realistic!

Healthy dieting takes time and this applies to ANY diet so don't crash diet not only is it unhealthy it will make you ill and even more importantly when you stop the pounds will pile back on even quicker.

Take it in simple steps but use this diet to get the fastest results when you start and get you motivated - The cabbage soup diet.

It lasts only 1 week and is the fastest way to get started. It should only be used for 1 week then you can switch to any healthy diet you wish that is balanced i.e. you get all food groups

2. Starving yourself is not the answer!

Your body will only lose a few pounds a week and starving yourself will not make it any quicker or depriving yourself of any of the major food groups.

You need to eat 5 meals a day 3 main and two snacks and make sure you never skip breakfast to avoid hunger pangs later in the day.

While you need to eat 5 meals a day you need to keep in mind portion control, how do you do that?

Well lets consider say rice tuna and vegetables as a meal the size of each portion should be the size of your fist. This is a simple way to achieve portion control

So try the above and make sure you eat 3 meals per day and snack on as much fruit or vegetables as you wish.

3. One Day a week do the following

Follow your diet for six days a week and then on one day forget about your diet and eat whatever you want.

There is logic here and it's the psychological impact on your mind.

If you overeat once a week you remove the one reason many diets fail, which is when choice is removed from you want it even more and don't stick with your chosen diet.

By allowing yourself one day off from your diet you can say:

I will stick with the diet and I can still have the foods I really want i.e I have a choice.

So won't this defeat the object of dieting No it wont, and there are 3 reasons why:

1. It makes NO Long term difference

You will have been eating sensibly on the other six days and one day won't make much difference.

2. It Teaches you better eating habits

By overeating and having treats you will perhaps realize that that your body has adjusted to better eating habits.

This day may not be the pleasure you thought i.e. when every day was a free day, or you don't actually want to eat as much as you thought before you came to your free day.

3. It gives a choice.

By giving us choices we are more likely to stay with the diet we have chosen.

Remember: To gain weight you have to eat a lot

Gaining weight is a long term process and you won't undo the good you have done on the other six days by having a free day. What you will do is give yourself the choice and make sticking with a diet less onerous.

No one wants to be told they can't have the foods they really enjoy, the free day gives you choice (the major reason most diets fail) and helps you stick with sensible eating longer term.

So on your free day if you fancy a Big Mac or a pizza go ahead and don't feel guilty dieting should be a pleasure and not a chore so don't feel guilty.

If you follow the three tips above you will be able to lose weight in a healthy fashion and reach your ultimate weight while enjoying any food you want. Try it and see!


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