Successful Dieting - How To Make It Enjoyable And Lose Weight Fast!

If the idea of dieting fills you with gloom or you don't feel you have the willpower necessary to stick with your diet, and then this article is for you.

Let's look at how to lose weight fast and make it enjoyable at the same time with the following tips:

1. Don't deprive yourself of ANY your favourite foods

Most people fail to stick with their diet because it in many cases deprives them of their favourite foods.

As dieting should be fun and eating is one of the pleasures of life do the following:

For six days follow your diet and on the seventh say eat what you want and forget your diet for this day only.

Gaining weight is a long term process and one day a week will slow your diet down by less than 10% at most and will let you enjoy all foods.

If you are deprived of your favourite foods chances are you wont stick with your diet, so don't fall into this trap

2. Obesity is a recent word

Obesity is caused by two factors that have increased as society has become more developed:

1. We don't exercise as much as we did but the main reason is:

2. We don't eat "naturally from the earth" chemicals, preservatives and processing make many foods unhealthy.

Go organic if you can and also keep in mind no SINGLE food group makes you put on weight.

For example, fat is good for you we all need it but many people try and avoid it but unsaturated fat keeps you healthy.

Same with carbs. They are the bodies fuel and you need them just eat unprocessed i.e. brown rice, jacket potatoes.

It is a question of being sensible in your choices in each group but don't cut out Any group (i.e the Atkins diet) make sure you have some of everything.

3. Eat 5 times a day

Many people think they can starve themselves and lose several stone quickly. They can't.

Putting weight on is a long term process and so is taking it up. Losing weight fast means no more than 3 - 5 pounds a week.

Try and knock it off any quicker and it will come back on or make you ill. Crash diets simply don't work and never have.

4. Learn Portion control!

You can eat five times a day but make sure you learn about portion control. Portion control is essential to weight loss nut most people don't understand it.

As a general rule a portion is the size of your fist. Want a portion of rice? Clench your fist and that's the amount, the same goes with meat and fish.

On vegetables or fruit don't worry too much about the size eat as much as you want.

5. Eat as late as you want

You put on weight when you are sleeping is one of the dumbest myths in dieting. You don't and its absolute nonsense so to avoid hunger pangs eat 5 meals a day at the times that you want.

6. We are all busy so.

Don't fall into the trap of grabbing some quick food like a microwave meal or a pizza when you are rushed off your feet.

Keep food that can be made up quickly that's nutritious For example tinned fish is great for this have tins of Mackerel, Sardines, tuna and salmon on hand and brown rice in storage and vegetables and you can have quick tasty nutritious meal in seconds.

People pay billions of dollars for different diets etc but dieting and losing weight is really common sense.

What is the best diet?

There is no such thing as a best diet so long as it is balanced and contains all the food groups and you are avoiding processed foods, it's very much a question of what foods you like.

If you hate red meat then you should do a fish diet. If you cant stand brown rice substitute jacket potatoes instead.

It's not the foods that are important its just a question of eating healthy unprocessed foods in sensible portions regularly.

If you follow the above advice you will not only lose weight quickly, stay with your diet, never be hungry, and enjoy all your favourites as well.

Now doesn't that sound good?

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