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Dieting : Lose Weight Fast

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Lose Weight Fast - How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Is it possible to lose weight while you sleep? The answer is yes and this is what this article is all about

Read on and find out how you can lose weight naturally when you sleep.

1. HGH (human growth hormone)

This is produced by the pituitary gland, but after age 25-30, HGH levels diminish up to 80%.

One of the effects that HGH has on the body, is that it increases your metabolism.

This increase actually helps your body burn fat while you sleep!

Research on HGH began in the 1980's and medical evidence supported the view that you can lose weight while you sleep.

Today, doctors are treating patients with HGH.

There are reports of significant improvements in weight loss, vitality and energy, muscle strength, healing, flexibility, resistance to illness, skin tone and sexual desire, to name a few.

It is known that most healing of the body and new growth occurs in the evening while we sleep.

This occurs simply because that's when the largest amount of recombinant HGH is released, and that's when HGH begins to start the burning of fat for energy.

When less HGH is released, our metabolism slows down and it's then much easier to put on weight.

When the correct nutritional factors are supplied to the body, the pituitary can begin releasing HGH again into the system while we sleep.

There are products which supply the known nutritional factors thought to be important for supporting the body's release of HGH back into the system.

2. Liquid collagen

What causes people to gain weight so easily after dieting and is there a way to prevent this and keep this weight off for good?

The answer is yes.

When you deprive your body of food, you may lose weight for a short period of time.

However, when your body adjusts to the caloric restriction and learns to "get by" on less energy, it becomes difficult to lose more weight, no matter how little you eat.

Later on when you start to eat normally again, your body has learned to deal with any calories beyond the starvation and will store them as fat.

Another drawback to calorie restriction is that it leads to the sacrifice of vital muscle tissue in an attempt to achieve weight loss.

Our muscles are important in burning calories and excess fat.

Maintaining and enhancing lean muscle tissue while dieting is the key to keeping the weight off.

A better alternative to severe dieting is to nourish the body with a supplement that can make you feel and look better and help you lose weight.

Collagen is such a product and is a protein that makes up about 30% of our body.

As we age, our body's production of collagen slows down.

We then may see our skin start to wrinkle or lose its youthful look and on the inside of the body we experience a weakening of the skeletal structure.

When taken at night, it strengthens lean muscle tissue and stimulates the burning of fat.

When we go to sleep at night, the first 45 to 90 minutes of sleep are a period of repair and healing in the body.

The amino acids in collagen help to fuel process, and also stimulate the release of HGH.

Collagen also enhances our muscles - Because muscle weighs more than fat, some people will lose inches before they ever weight

Taking liquid collagen at night time may be the key to losing weight, getting healthier and feeling better.

The notion of losing weight while you sleep may sound odd but as you can see the above products are used by people to achieve weight loss while they're sleeping.


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