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Dieting : Negatve Effects

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Negative Effects of Dieting

When a person wishes to engage in a diet, they will be restricting what they eat or drink with the goal to either become healthier or lose weight.

Healthy dieting practices can improve the overall health of a dieter, as well as prevent complications such as diabetes and heart disease. However, when this process of dieting is not properly done, the individual may fall victim to some of the negative effects of dieting, such as a weakened immune system.

This negative effect of dieting can hinder the body's ability to cope with the changes caused by dieting and adapting new behaviors.

In order to understand some of the negative effects of dieting, you will have to understand some of the variables that are encountered within the body that makes the difference in your dieting failure or success.


Calories are needed to provide energy and aid in the maintenance of proper bodily functions. If you consume too many calories during a diet, you will not only increase your body fat content, but you will notice a difference on the scale. Eating not enough calories causes your body to suffer for this deficit.


The negative effects of dieting when it comes to the consumption of carbohydrates can be seen when a dieter does not know how to distinguish between what is considered a "good carb," as opposed to a "bad carb."

Carbohydrates are a major source of energy for the human body. "Bad carbs" are found in foods filled with sugar, such as soft drinks and sweets.

To avoid the negative effects of dieting, you should choose carbohydrates that are readily available in whole grain cereals, rice and corn.


Negative effects of dieting occur when a dieter does not get enough fiber into their system. Fiber can be found in grain products, nuts, as well as numerous beans like pinto and kidney.

Soluble fiber positively affects a dieter's health because it can lower cholesterol levels. Insoluble fiber combats constipation and hemorrhoids.


If a dieter does not consume enough foods containing protein, then they will experience a few negative effects of dieting.

It is suggested that 10% to 20% of the calories consumed each day should contain protein. Proteins are used to create red blood cells, as well as regulate enzymes and hormones. Protein can be found in meat, milk, cheese and eggs. A dieter will be at a loss when avoiding such foods.

When a person begins a diet, one of the main goals they are trying to achieve is to lose weight to enhance or improve their appearance.

Unhealthy and Dangerous Weight Loss

One of the negative effects of dieting occurs when a dieter goes overboard and their attempt to lose weight becomes drastically unhealthy and dangerous. This may lead to life threatening conditions, such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia, as well as binge eating.

Bulimia is a negative effect of dieting because a dieter turns to reoccurring cycles of binge eating and purging which is not good for the body. Bulimics will often vomit, abuse laxatives and diuretics to achieve a certain look. Many bulimics often suffer from depression.

Anorexia is when a dieter struggles with the intense fear of becoming overweight.

One of the negative effects of dieting in this way is that these individuals attempt to maintain an emaciated body weight. This can lead to a host of problems that attack the body due to this style of dieting.

Organic Skin Care Products

When you are looking for something natural to apply to your face and skin, you should know that there are many organic skin care products on the market.

The possibilities are endless when you want to pamper the senses with an organic bath and body product.

Not only are organic skin are products therapeutic, but they are also healthier because they use natural ingredients unspoiled by chemicals or preservatives.

Some of the ingredients found in many organic skin care products include organic essential oils, organic vegetable oils, as well as organic herbs from the wild.

When looking for an organic skin care product that will suit your needs, you should look for labels that contain phrases, such as 100% Natural or 100% Biodegradable.

Organic skin care products should also stay clear of the use of fragrance oils, artificial colors and synthetics.


Just to get an idea of some of the ingredients and choices a customer may look forward to when purchasing organic skin care products, you could exfoliate your skin with the help of organic pumpkin seed oil and fresh pumpkin seeds.

When you want an exotic, natural scent to grace your body, you may prefer a chemical-free, all-natural perfume created from tropical flowers.

When you need help healing your skin from problems, such as scars, dark marks and sun damage, there is a night cream made from tangerines and calendula, which can be used to ease the appearance of blemished skin.

An organic apricot facial scrub can exfoliate, deep clean, as well as moisturize the skin, all at once.

The Face

When it comes to matters of the face, this area of skin is considered the most visible. If problems arise concerning skin and acne, organic skin care products can correct or treat some of these problems without the harsh chemicals that are used in non-organic products. For example, a toner made from pure lemons, witch hazel and peppermint essential oils can be a great solution for easing problem skin.

When you are in need of an organic skin care product that will stimulate circulation, as well as treat open pores, there are toners made from lavender and rosewater that can do the trick.


There are endless websites offering a line of organic skin care products on the Internet. When you arrive at www.vividbeauty.net, you could purchase a face cream made from rose and chamomile, promoting facial hydration and the unclogging of pores. Just as with this particular product, many organic skin care products are good for those who have sensitive skin.

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The market is booming with plenty of choices to consider, including organic eye gels for reducing puffiness, organic 15 SPF sunscreen, as well as many other organic skin care products for sun damage, cellulite, acne and wrinkles.


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