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Dieting : Calories

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Easy Ways to Reduce and Burn Calories

When a dieter is searching for ways to reduce and burn calories, there are numerous options that are available when choosing food items and activities to achieve this goal.

There are lots of new books, videos or DVDs, as well as gimmicks on the market, which sell different ideas of how to reduce and burn calories.

Picking The Right Way

A dieter has a wealth of information at their fingertips when it comes to choosing the right foods when looking for ways to reduce and burn calories.

When you are in need of a healthy variety of options, there are many prepackaged, frozen meals that a dieter may consider.

A trip to the grocery store will reveal selections offered by weight loss programs, including Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine and the popular South Beach Diet.

However these tend to be loaded with non natural chemicals etc and there nutritional value is negligible.

Ways to reduce and burn calories through healthy eating can be found through many ways and the key is to eat naturally from the earth

Swap processed foods for natural foods i.e. for carbohydrate Pizza is out brown rice and baked potatoes are in!

Make sure you avoid fried foods as well and get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and try and eat 5 times a day to avoid hunger pangs.

Great simple ways to burn calories

1. A simple can of soup of is ideal.

There are many different varieties ranging from a hearty chicken soup to delicious vegetable-filled minestrone.

It is important to check the labels of the soup you have chosen because some contain more calories than others, as well as a higher content of sodium.

2. Healthy meats

When looking for meat products that will offer a way to reduce and burn calories, a dieter should choose lean meats with the skin trimmed off. A great meat is fish and you can get a quick nutritious meal simply by keeping canned fish around.

Tuna, sardines mackerel and salmon are ideal add a baked potato and vegetables for healthy nutritious meal in just 10 minutes.

Sandwiches made with lean lunchmeat are also acceptable when looking for ways to reduce and burn calories.

Just remember to stick to mustard and avoid using mayonnaise, unless you select a fat-free selection.

3. other good foods

Other foods that can be used as a way to reduce and burn calories include:

Rice Cakes: This food choice contains just 35 calories per serving. An advantage to this selection is that there are many different flavors to choose from.

Reduced-Calorie Chips and Crackers:

If you must have a chip or a cracker, there are these reduced-fat options. Some popular products include Wheat Thins, Cheese Nips, as well as fat-free Pringles.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese: Contains 80 calories that will also deliver a healthy dairy serving.

Cheery Tomatoes: A nice vegetable choice that only contains 5 calories.

Light Yogurt: If you crave something sweet, this option provides an array of different flavors, as well as a serving from the dairy food group.

Popcorn: Popping natural popcorn kernels provides a low-calorie snack.

Pickles: Doesn't contain a lot of calories and helps to fill up the stomach to prevent overeating.

Cool Whip: An ice cream freak? Try frozen Light Cool Whip for a treat.

Sugar-Free Jell-O: A nice treat with no calories that come in a variety of flavors.

Light Bread: 40 calories

Sugar-Free Tea, Diet Sodas and Fat-Free Hot Chocolate

4. Light exercise

Other ways to reduce and burn calories include adding more exercise activities to your daily routine.

Below you will find a variety of activities that a dieter may want to consider.

In parentheses, you will find the number of calories that can be burned within a 30-minute period of time.

Aerobic Dance (178)

Basketball (2580

Biking at 10 mph (189)

Jumping Rope (270)

Running at 5.5 mph (426)

Swimming (300)

Walking (130)

Eating naturally from the earth is a great way to lose weight and burn calories and you also don't need to starve yourself. Add in some light exercise to raise your metabolic rate and you will burn calories even quicker.


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