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Birthstones - A stunning Accessory Part 2 July - December

Birthstones have a special quality for each of us because of the ancient meanings associated with them and they can be a stunning accessory.

In part 1 we covered the months January to June, here we are going to cover birthstones for the months July to December.

Like signs of the zodiac, each birthstone has its own meaning depending on the month you were born.

July - Ruby

In mythical times, rubies were thought to protect against poison, restore youth and vitality, and was viewed as a stone of prophecy.

Hardwearing like diamonds, rubies are classic deep red in color, or may be shades of pink, purple or brown. Rubies are a stunning birthstone that can be used to enhance any item of jewelry.

The word ruby means passion.

August - Peridot

The birthstone for August is peridot, a birthstone linked with healing and protection against evil and night terrors.

Lime green in color, this birthstone has become quite popular in recent times and is strong and durable giving off its own unique energy. Peridot looks great when used in bold and chunky jewelry.

The word peridot means bliss.

September - Sapphire

In mythical times sapphires, meaning wisdom, were linked to purity and faith and were believed to radiate divine rays that had the power to kill all poisonous creatures.

Sapphires come in popular blue plus a range of yellows, pinks, and greens.

Sapphires are considered deeply holy, and have been worn by popes, cardinals, and bishops. Known as the jewel of chastity, they are a popular choice for engagement rings and look even more stunning when set in white gold or platinum.

October - Opal

Since mythical times, opals have been associated with bad luck although in Asia the opal birthstone is the symbol for hope and has been linked to purity, innocence and healing.

Opals come in black or white and have a distinct look and delicate beauty. Because of this, the opal is most suitable for jewelry that is worn only occasionally.

November - Topaz

In mythical times the topaz birthstone has been linked to healing and was thought to cure madness.

The topaz comes in a range of colors including red, pink, gold and blue and is a beautiful birthstone that can enhance any piece of jewelry.

The word topaz means fidelity.

December - Turquoise

In mythical times turquoise, meaning contentment, has been associated with luck and happiness.

Referred to by the Aztecs as 'the stone of the gods', the turquoise birthstone ranges in color from blue to green and looks beautiful when set in either silver or gold.

Birthstone Jewelry

In the past birthstones have been linked to magical forces and the ability to protect the wearer.

Today birthstones are linked to calendar months and people enjoy wearing birthstone rings or birthstone pendants associated with the month of their birth.

They make a stunning original accessory that's personal to you, so check out your birthstone today

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