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Birthstones - A Stunning Unique Accessory Part 1 January - June

Birthstones have a special quality for each of us because of the ancient meanings associated with them and they can be a stunning accessory

Here we are going to cover birthstones for the months January to June and in part 2 July - December

Like signs of the zodiac, each birthstone has its own meaning depending on the month you were born.

January - Garnet

In mythical times, the garnet stone was thought to protect the wearer against nightmares, offer guidance from the dark, cure depression and relieve disease of the liver.

Garnet birthstones are long lasting with a fiery beauty. Traditionally thought to be only deep red, garnets actually come in a range of colors and look great when set in gold.

The name Garnet comes from the Latin for pomegranate and means constancy.

February - Amethyst

In mythical times, amethysts were associated with sobriety, tranquility, protection, peace and a wise mind.

Amethysts have also been said to improve the skin, prevent baldness and protect from deceit.

In shades of purple, lilac and mauve, this is the most valuable of the quartz group. Amethysts are very striking and looking amazing when accompanied with diamonds and sterling silver.

The name is derived from the Greek word 'amethysts', which means 'against drunkenness' or sincerity.

March - Aquamarine

In Medieval times, the aquamarine birthstone was linked to love and affection, making new friends and protecting those at sea.

The aquamarine birthstone is blue-green in color and has a rich, sparkling look. If you want to give someone a friendship ring or bracelet, aquamarine is a great choice.

The name aquamarine means courage.

April - Diamond

In medieval times diamonds were associated with love, eternity and strength and were though to protect against poisons.

Diamonds are very strong and hardwearing with a fiery glamorous sparkle.

The birthstone for April is the most precious of gemstones and comes in a range of colors, the most popular being clear which looks beautiful in a platinum or white gold setting.

Long associated with romance diamonds are perfect for an engagement ring or wedding band.

Often referred to as 'a girl's best friend', the name diamond comes from the Greek word adamas which means 'invincible'.

May - Emerald

In ancient times emeralds have been linked to health and healing and the ability to look into the future. Emerald birthstones are fiery green ands beautiful to look at, so it doesn't matter how you choose to wear it, they'll be green with envy.

The word emerald means hope.

June - Pearl

Pearls have long been associated with curing a range of ailments and in ancient times were thought to be tears of the gods.

They have been associated with modesty and chastity and are also linked to a successful and happy marriage.

The birthstone for June is created by oysters and mussels and come in a range of colors from traditional white and cream through to pink, peach, grey, blue and copper.

There's nothing quite like a string of freshwater pearls to add that touch of sophistication.

The word pearl means health.

Birthstones are a great accessory and have true meaning making them a unique item for you to treasure.

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