Celebrity Hairstyle Profile: Jessica Simpson  

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By Sarah Koessler, THS Consultant

Jessica Simpson started her career as a teenage pop singer in the late '90s and moved successfully into television and movie roles.

With a sense of style that combines her girl-next-door charm with lots of sex appeal, Jessica has pulled off some beautiful hairstyles, and TheHairStyler.com has profiled a selection of her best.

Amazing Updo
This soft and sexy upstyle is a great look for Jessica which gives her a sophisticated and smart look. The small amount of height through her top section also adds character to her style.

Beautiful Bob
Jessica's change to this super hot shoulder length bob with sweeping bangs was a great move! The smooth, straight style of her look and the slight tuck at the very ends is what makes this style so effective and perfect for showing off Jess's shiny hair.

Cascading Curls
Jess looks so fresh with these cool, crispy curls! Her hairstyle is perfect for the beach or a casual day out and gives her hair the chance to shine with a fresh and energetic look.

Super Style
This is a very different red carpet look. For this style, Jessica smoothed her top section back and styled the rest of her hair into a mass of curls which featured lots of body. Take a tip from Jessica and try this look the next time you're out on the town.

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