Fashions fade, style is eternal!" - Yves St Laurent

There are many people who always look good and there are others who simply become slaves to fashion and they very often look a mess.

The difference between fashion and style is neatly summed up by the quote at the top of this page. We all have positive and negative physical attributes and we all should be stressing the positive and hiding the negative ones as best we can.

Don't follow the crowd

Fashion is therefore not just about what you wear, it is the about the image and style you project to others.

Most people want to conform, it's the basis of human nature and are brainwashed into wearing the latest new fashions as they don't have any idea on how to create their own individual personal style.

The strength of marketing is very persuasive and billions of dollars are spend annually and its very influential in getting people to buy. The fact is some fashions simply don't work for certain individuals.

For example, if short skirts are in fashion and you don't have the legs for it, then you should avoid short skirts - period.

Looking fashionable and stylish

To look fashionable and stylish buy things that make you look good in the eyes of others and stress your best assets.

This is the difference between a person who has style, they always look good because they only wear fashions that look good and show their assets off as best they can.

There are certain classic looks that always look good and these should be the basis of your wardrobe. The Law of Supply and Demand in shops sometimes makes it difficult to steer clear of fashion trends.

Shop around

New collections that are constantly launched in stores are all influenced by the same mass trends is backed up by huge advertising makes buying something original and something that suits you difficult sometimes so you must shop around, but there are items you will look good in you just have to find them.

Being stylish and not a fashion victim

There is nothing wrong with following trends as long as their right for you and your look. The difference between being a fashion victim and fashionable and stylish essentially depends on to which extent you follow personal taste.

Obviously, basic rules of fashion should be adhered to but you should generally buy what makes you look good and feel good.

Developing your own style

We are not all good at everything and this for many people includes looking stylish so if you are not sure what suits you ask your friends or family for an honest opinion and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Today in our image conscious society there is a huge market in image consulting where people appoint a professional to give them a sense of style.

As people rightly or wrongly judge us by the way we look projecting a positive image is essential to find the partner of our dreams or get that vital job promotion.

Getting a fashionable stylish image can literally change your life so putting some effort in this area will see your life change for the better.

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