Handbags - Choosing The Right Bag For You

Handbags are an accessory and are not worn on the body itself, which may sound obvious, but is something that affects the way women buys a handbag.

In many instances women buy without thinking of style or how it flatters their body.

If a handbag looks good, fits or is functional, then many women simply buy it without thinking how it changes their overall look.

A handbag however can affect your body, look and shape in the same way as a well fitting dress. Follow the tips below when choosing and buying a handbag, not only will it be in proportion with your body shape it, can also make you look slimmer.

Handbag Shapes

Try to choose a shape that is the opposite of your body type.

If you are slim and tall choose a slouchy, rounded bag to compliment your look.

If on the other hand your body type is short and heavier build, go for the opposite in your choice of handbag. Choose a handbag that is tall and rectangular or maybe long and sleek.

As a rule of thumb the rounder your figure, the more structured your bag needs to be.

Large rectangular or square handbags in soft leathers or fabrics will compliment your figure nicely. Scale

So we our first choosing a handbag tip is that the shape should be the opposite of your body type now we need to look at getting the right size of bag.

The scale of bag you choose is just as important as the size in relation to your body type when choosing a handbag.

The size of your handbag should ALWAYS be in proportion to your figure.

So here are some tips for choosing a handbag in relation to your body size.

Tall and slim

Being tall and slim allows you to get away with most purse styles. Oversize bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags will all look good.

The only point you need to keep in mind:

Is the size of the handbag you choose. Small bags should be avoided as they will make you look bigger. Mid size, large, floppy or bulky handbags are best. Petite

The most important point here is the size of the bag you carry.

Keep in mind scale. Small bags work best for petite women. Wear small bags and keep them close to your body.

Large hips

Choose one with a short strap, which can be tucked easily under the arm. A good look for a shoulder bag or a hobo bag that hangs slightly but ends well above the hips, any handbag that falls on the hips draws attention to this area you may not want!

Top heavy

If you have a large bust, you may want to draw attention away from your bosom. If you want to wear a shoulder bag make it one that has a long strap and is large in size.

Curvy Figure

A shoulder bag that ends just above the waist is the most flattering style. The only type of bags to avoid are ones that are too big or too small in relation to your overall body size.

Plus size

You need to keep away from bags that are small as they will look lost against your figure.

Go for bags of reasonable size i.e. in proportion to your body size with short to medium length straps.

As you can see bag type and size can influence your overall look and can make you look slimmer.

Having the wrong hand or shoulder bag can make you look bigger and can also draw attention to areas you may not want to emphasize.

Overall, a handbag is necessary, but also can be fashionable and compliment your figure.

Whether it is making the outfit complete, adding to it as an accessory, or just holding all the essentials, handbags are an essential part of every women's life.

There not just practical they are a fashion statement in their own right, so make them complement your look.

Here are some tips to follow when buying your handbag


. Take time in a store to try on handbags in front of a mirror just like you would with any other item of clothing.

. Don't be tempted by trendy styles that don't suit your figure: there are plenty of great alternatives and one will be right for you. Think style rather than fashion here!

. Think lifestyle as well and make your bag practical if you're with kids and have nappies an beautiful vintage bag, may not be the best choice!


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