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How an Image Consultant can Change Your Life for the Better

People will form an opinion about whom they first meet within 30 seconds.

How people perceive you is therefore critical in getting the maximum from both your personal life and career.

You can't do Everything on Your Own!

In today's image conscious society looks count for a lot and the impression you make is all down to the image that you present.

Many people simply have an eye for style and they always look well turned out and stylish but for the majority keeping up with fashion trends, make up different hairstyles etc is either to time consuming or they don't have an eye for it and they need an image consultant.

Image Consultants are Affordable

This is where a professional image consultant can help you, by helping you look not just fashionable but show you how to project your own individual sense of style.

Once the preserve of the wealthy and famous image consultants are now affordable to all and for the amount of money charged against the extra potential you can achieve in your life it is normally a small price to pay

Image consultants specialize in getting you an image that will make you look and feel better instantly, make you look healthier, slimmer, more attractive generally and even save you money.

Saving You Money

A recent independent study showed that most people only wear 20% of their clothes 85% of the time.

An image consultant will help you plan your wardrobe so that you are confident to wear more of the items more of the time. This will save you money, but increase your confidence and allow you to project the image you desire.

In addition to helping you save money image consultants provide the following services to help you look good and feel great.

1. Wardrobe Analysis

We usually like to do an analysis of your wardrobe first, and see what styles work best for you and which don't. We can then take the items you are happy with and combine them with new items to give you your own individual style.

2. Style Analysis

Everyone has positive and negative physical attributes were all different.

An image consultant will teach you how to maximize your good points, while at the same time disguising bad ones.

An image consultant will show you which styles complement your body shape thereby making you feel totally confident in your appearance. This is done by showing the styles and fashions that suit you as well how to pick the best hairstyle and make up tips

3. How Image Consultants use Color

In projecting your image, color is one of the most important influences to consider.

Quite simply, it is the first thing we register when we are assessing anything; we make an immediate response to it before anything else.

Color is therefore one of the most effective tools that can be used to make an impact.

In fact psychologists have suggested that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of any product or service. So it is vital that the colors you use reflect you in the best possible way in terms of your physical attributes

A common mistake made by many people is to choose colors they like or, are fashionable, rather than colors that suit them.

4. Personal Shopper

Do you hate shopping does it take you to much time and you can never decide what to buy well a personal shopper service is for you. Many image consultants offer this service and come with you to help you get the clothes that suit you and save you time and money.

Today, more and more people are using image consultants than ever before and unless you are totally confident in your appearance then should consider one. They could help you change your life for ever.

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