Image Consultants - Can Help You Look Slimmer Instantly!

While eating the correct diet is the longer term solution to looking thinner,you can look slimmer instantly simply by careful selection of the clothes you wear.

Image conusltants can help you do this making you look and feel better instantly.

In today's image conscious society, image consultants are more popular than ever, and are no longer just for the rich.

Follow the 12 simple guidelines below and lose a few kilos instantly!

1. Focus on one color

Monochromatic dressing (dressing in one color only) makes anyone look taller, slimmer and leaner.

2. Use darker colors

Darker colors make you look slimmer than lighter colours. Black and blue for example, are great colours to use for most people.

3. Colour intensity

If you are wearing multiple colours keep them close in intensity. For example, dark blue and black or stone and soft white.

4. Wear darker colours at the bottom

Use the darker colour at the bottom of your outfit to make you look taller and your hips appear slimmer.

5. Wear heels

Wearing medium or high heels with a thin sole automatically makes your legs look longer and you look slimmer.

6. Long slimmer legs

Legs will look longer and slimmer if you always closely match your hoise to your shoes and skirts. For example, with a print skirt, use the background colour to find hoise in a similar tone.

7. Hosiery

Always wear a neutral colour hose or match your hosiery to the lighter colour in the shoes. Never wear hose that are darker than the lightest colour in the shoes

8. Don't bisect a fuller figure

Choose a longer jacket or blouse, and wear it untucked. This will give a leaner look, and deflects attention away from the waistline.

9. Beware of heavy fabrics

Never wear clothes made out of heavy fabrics, they make you look fatter. Always choose finer, silkier thin materials.

10. Wear clothes that fit

Buy clothing that FIT. Don't try and squeeze into a size 12 if you are a size 14. This may seem obvious, but there are plenty of women who get hung up on size and won't accept the size they really are.

11. Vertical design lines

Always make you look slimmer. Single breasted jackets, stripes and ironed creases in trousers will visually slim your body by dividing it into vertical sections, the closer the lines the slimmer you will appear.

12. Wear clothes that balance your horizontal & vertical proportions

You will always appear slimmer if you balance your vertical and horizontal proportions. For example, a woman who has long body and short legs can theoretically wear a short jacket; however, if she has a large breast her jacket should be at least hip length to take attention away from her breasts. By wearing clothes that are in proportion to your figure will always make you look slimmer.

Image consultants can change your life!

The above are just some examples of how image consultants can help you change your appearance for the better.

In todays image conscious society more and more people are realizing that by changing their appearance they will derive more from life.

Why appearance is so important

It is a well known fact that people subconsciously form an opinion about whom they first meet within 30 seconds.

How people perceive you is therefore vital in deriving the maximum from both your life and career.

Look and feel better instantly!

Today's image consultants provide a wide range of services all designed to make you maximize your appearance and make you look your best.

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