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Jewellery - Simple Tips For a Stunning Look

If you've been wondering how to show your jewelry off, or how to make your jewelry show you off, have a look at our jewelry ideas guaranteed to make you dazzle and look stunning.

Is it necessary to wear jewelry?

In a word, yes! Selecting the right jewelry can add that touch of class and sensuality, transforming you from plain Jane into a perfect princess.

When making a decision on what pieces of jewelry to wear, remember less is more. It only takes a pair of long dangly earrings to highlight your slender neck or a sparkling gem pendant to match your eyes, to create a startling effect.

Use the design, style and size of jewelry to enhance or deflect from particular aspects of your appearance.

If your arms upper arms are not as firm as they used to be, then avoid wearing bracelets and choose a dazzling ring instead.

Know your best asset, is it your face or an ample bosom? An attractive choker will draw attention to your face, while a long pendant will accentuate your cleavage.

Create different looks with your jewelry to match the clothes you're wearing.

Experiment with ideas like wearing layers of different length necklaces or several bracelets. Or why not go for one item that is really flashy and guaranteed to get you attention.

Celebrities have a huge influence on fashion trends but unless you are a celebrity or have a huge bank balance there is no need to splash out on expensive jewelry.

Most designers produce affordable, good quality costume jewelry and antique jewelry is also very popular and a good investment.

So you've selected the right pieces, how do you wear it?

One important point to bear in mind is, don't mix costume jewelry with antique jewelry.

Your choice of jewelry should reflect your personality and individual sense of style.

Whether your style is cool and sophisticated or more casual, make sure your jewelry is appropriate for the occasion.

The pendant you wear to a formal dinner should not be the same one you wear to work.

Next, think about the color of your jewelry. This will depend to a large degree on whether you are a warm or cool person.

If like most people you have brown eyes and black hair then you will fall into the cool category. For you, white metals like platinum, white gold or silver are the most flattering. For others who fall into the warm category then go for yellow gold, brass or copper.

Experiment with wearing warm and cool jewelry and see which one enhances your skin tone and make you dazzle. And finally, for any of you who remember dressing up as a child, you should view wearing jewelry in exactly the same way - it should be fun!

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