Men's Formal Wear - 10 Common Fashion Mistakes

It's a fact that people who make up their minds about you in 30 seconds or less based upon your appearance.

This evaluation of you by others takes place quickly and is important in all areas of life, but particularly in a business environment, where you're out to impress and money may depend on it!

We all make fashion mistakes sometimes, but the ones below should be avoided at all costs.

1. Short sleeve shirts with a tie

Short sleeve shirts don't really project the right image at all and you should stick to long sleeved shirts that are a safer classier option.

2. Scruffy shoes

Are one of the most undervalued areas of a man's wardrobe and fact is one of the main items of clothing a women looks at first!

Your shoes should be in good repair, well kept and shiny. If you are wearing a suit, lace-up shoes are normally the safest option.

3. Trousers that are to short

Should be long enough to cover your socks, and socks should cover your shins even when you are crossing you legs. Your trousers should just cover the heel of your shoe.

4. Socks that don't match

Socks should always match your trousers. Don't be tempted with trying wacky colors such as green or yellow, with a dark serious business suit.

It wont make you look individual it will make you look stupid.

5. Belts that don't match

Belts should as a general rule always match your shoes. Make sure you don't economize on your belt, worn belts and belts that are too small or to large should be replaced immediately.

6. Make sure ties hang correctly

Ties should always reach your belt line and be tied correctly. A tie that is to short simply makes you look ridiculous.

7. Clothes That Are Too Loose Fitting

Clothes that are too loose, Indicates a sloppy look and that's exactly the type of fashion mistake you can't make in a business environment.

It's simply not the right look to appear professional and clothes need to fit your body type.

This might take some trial and error as you mix and match certain styles, but you should find the right fit quickly that flatters your body type.

8. Wearing unflattering colors

The colors you wear should compliment your natural features such as your eye color, skin tone and body shape. Keep this in mind when choosing your clothes.

If for example, you are very pale, avoid a white linen suit that may make you look washed out.

9. Wearing To many colors

Limit each of your outfits to just one to three colors or shades to give you a simple coordinated look.

If in doubt find a color wheel online and use it to help you choose your colors.

Colors opposite each other on the wheel are "complementary colors" . Colors adjacent to each other are called "analogous colors".

When putting together an outfit, stick to complementary and analogous colors and remember less is more.

10. Wearing too many fabrics

You can get around fabric miss matching by simply separating your winter and summer clothes.

Winter fabrics will tend to be heavier and denser while summer fabrics are mostly made of natural fibers, single-layered and lighter. For example, don't wear your heavy wool winter suit with a linen shirt!

The above fashion mistakes are more common than they should be and should be avoided at all costs.

You can't take chances if you're working in a conservative business environment.

You are selling your appearance and your clothes are one of the first things people are going to notice about you, so make sure you make the right first impression.

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