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After Sex - A Guide To Intimacy After Sex

Certainly the best moments of intimacy are the moments after orgasm, but these are often destroyed by an insensitive partner running for the bathroom or merely rolling over and going to sleep.

Here will show you what to do after sex is finished, and it's guaranteed to bring you and your partner closer together.

Some Physical Facts about After Sex

Guys should learn that their own orgasm is not the same as a woman's, and hers doesn't mean sex is finished. She can continue, and often wants to. The man is often unable or unwilling to understand this simple fact.

Secondly, both bodies have been working at an increased heart and respiratory rate, and there is a real need to reduce those slowly and gradually, in a soft programmed way. This is not a car where you just stop and turn off the engine. Even if it was, most cars now leave their ventilating fans on when the engine is switched off to cool the engine slowly.

There is a mental process also at work, and it does not stop with the orgasm. If your actions were just pure sex, of the animal nature, this article is not for you.

So, here follows the 4 simple steps to a graceful end to a highly personal and intimate act.

Step 1 - Don't Just STOP

If one partner has climaxed and the other hasn't (assuming here it's the man), do not just stop. Keep stroking your partner, some small gentile massage, and even some fondling of erogenous areas. Use some small conversation to express your feelings and enjoyment.

A good exercise here is to continue with some mutual masturbation. The woman may express a desire to continue, and if the man cannot attain an erection, he can still practice oral sex with some spectacular results. The point here is not to just stop.

Step 2 - Getting Closer

As your heartbeats and breathing come down to normal, this is the best time to embrace each other, for a few moments. This is highly comforting and will tend to bring even closer the couple than the acts of sex did a few minutes before.

These embraces are whole body embraces with arms around each other and legs entwined

Step 3 - Relaxing

Again a comforting exercise, simply relax with your partner, lying in bed together side by side. Some simple conversation is ok, but even better is listening to some quiet and relaxing music.

During this step, one's breathing has returned to normal and heartbeat (and blood pressure) have dropped. A feeling of euphoria can felt, as orgasm often released one's bodily endomorphins (natural hormones that gives one a feeling of bliss). Sleep can often proceed from this step.

Step 4 - Eye Gazing

In this step, just gaze into the eyes of your partner. See and feel their peace and contentment, and let them feel yours. You can let you mind wander, and with some moments of eye gazing, the come-down period after sex is over.

This whole 4 step procedure should take about 30 minutes, some men and ready to resume sex at this time.

If so, the 4 steps will have prepared you for an enhanced new sexual experience. If not, you have ended your session gracefully and can look forward to the next one


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