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Become a Better Lover - 10 Common Mistakes Guys Make!

If you want to become a better lover you need to avoid the mistakes below and they are all surprisingly common.

Avoid the mistakes, take note of the tips and you are guaranteed to become a better, more considerate and more thoughtful lover, who will please your partner.

So here are 10 common mistakes made in sex and how to become a better lover.

Mistake 1: Being Too Quick

Women generally have a different attitude to sex than men and most do not want to be treated as sex objects. So, take note and be considerate.

Treat your partner with the respect they deserve and don't appear you are just after one thing.

Mistake 2: Not Kissing

In a recent poll 90% of women claimed their partners did not kiss them enough!

So make sure sex is preceded by plenty of kissing and cuddling - Most women love the intimacy of a kiss! So give your partner what they want.

Mistake 3: Neglecting Female Erogenous Zones

We all know the common erogenous zones such as the clitoris, or the breasts and we have given you another one above the lips.

There are however many more.

Great areas to target are the neck (kissing and nibbling of the neck is highly erotic) and the bottom.

The bottom is an area all women tend to be conscious of so, kiss it caress and make sure your partner knows you love it.

Other great erogenous zones to touch and kiss are the inner thighs (she knows what's coming next) the feet, the back of the knees, the spine and lower back (just at the end of the spine is a highly sensitive area)

These areas will drive your partner wild so target them.

Mistake 4: Complicated Positions Are Best.

No there not!

Quite simply, if a position is to complicated you will spend more time trying to keep the positions going than you will on focusing on pleasing your partner.

There is no correlation between how complicated a position is and how much satisfaction you and your partner derive from it.

Mistake 5: Not Knowing The Best G Spot Positions

There are three great positions for sex there not difficult to do and there not complicated and they are guaranteed to give your partner a mind blowing orgasm.

Why because they are a great way to hit the g spot

We don't have time to explain them in this article but have written several other articles on top positions so check them out.

Mistake 6: Keeping your weight off the woman in sex positions.

Contrary to common myth, women like their partner to press against them and most women like to feel their partner press against them and not stand of them.

Many women like to be pressured by at least some of their partner's weight so they can feel them and feel their weight.

Be sensible here she doesn't want to be crushed, but wants to feel you close

Mistake 7: Women on top, don't make them work to hard.

For most women, sex a passive activity except when she is on top.

Most men take this as a signal to lie back and let her do the work.

Most women prefer some action back, as it is her penetrating your body and she wants to see some reaction as you do from her when you are on top.

Mistake 8: Pleasing Yourself

Of course, you want please yourself but you also need to take your partners feelings into consideration and this leads onto the next point:

Mistake 9: Communicating

Don't be shy about communicating with your partner about what you like and ask them what they like.

Many couples don't want to talk frankly about their desires and this means that they never get what they really want.

Communication is the key to good sex so don't be embarrassed talk to each other and learn each others innermost desires and then try and satisfy them.

This also applies to things you don't like.

Mistake 10: When It's Over It's Over

You finish sex and you're straight off to the shower making coffee or rushing out the door - Big mistake!


This leads on from the point we made earlier in the article that women do not like to be seen as sex objects.

Let them know how much you enjoyed sex with them kiss cuddle, hold and compliment them.

This will go a long way to showing you as a man who cares and most women love this!

So there you have 10 mistakes that are easy to correct and if you do, your partner is sure to appreciate it.


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