Breast enhancement - simple ways to firm your breasts

Looking in the mirror, many a woman has seen the effects of age and gravity on her breasts. There are of course surgical solutions, and the risks and costs are very well known.

However, there are some real solutions, proven ones, to help firm up those sagging breasts, and the results, although are not instantly dramatic, are over a period of time, very effective.

The solution is the daily attention method of

  • Special exercises
  • The ice massage
  • Once a week breast mask with natural products

To understand what is happening, the ligaments that hold up your breasts begin to stretch, and your breasts sag. Also the skin becomes less rigid, the milk ducts shrink and fat replaces the ducts. The shape and suspension system (so to say) become modified. So, lets see how the program can get you looking good again.

The exercises:

There are two. The "lady's push up" and the " dumbbell fly".

The ladies push up is different from the man. First of all she is on the floor on all "fours" position. The hands instead of being straight out, are turned in, so the palms are facing each other. Now start the push ups, with as many as you can comfortably do without becoming strained. This may be as few as 4 or 5. Then daily try to increase this number, till you can do about a set of 20. Two sets are perfect.

The second exercise, you will need two light (say 1 kilo to 2 kilos maximum) dumbbells. Then lying on your back on the floor, pick up one weight in each. Now extend your arms out at shoulder level on the floor with your palms up. The weights should be parallel to your body.

Lift both arms straight up together above your body, keeping your elbows slightly bent, so that the weights meet over your chest. Now, return the weights out to your sides at shoulder height, as if you were drawing a semicircle over your body.

Repeat the exercise 8 to 12 times, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat the exercise a second time resting once again. Then repeat the exercise for a third and final set.

This will build up the muscles under your breasts and eventually create a condition for those muscles aiding the ligaments in the breast support.

The Ice Massage

Daily take two cubes of ice, and apply them to your breasts in moving semi-circles. This may feel slightly awkward at the beginning, but do it for at least one minute. Never apply this technique for longer than one minute, or if the ice makes you feel very uncomfortable. The effect is instant, and actually acts as a toner to the tissue underneath the skin.

The Breast Mask

There are many formulas, but this one is very popular is spas and applied by professionals is very expensive. Done by yourself, it is effective and very inexpensive.

In a food blender, grind up one large cucumber, a few drops of high fat dessert cream, the white of one egg. The effect of the ground ingredients should be a paste.

Apply the paste to your breasts and leave for 15 minutes. Due to the natural products there should be no contra-indications, but never apply to broken skin or if there are some skin disturbances. Wash off with very cold water.

There are two more tips that need to be remembered.

1. Wear a good bra always. They really help and
2. Never go in the sun without sunscreen, and it is a very good idea not to go topless.