Eliminate Ingrown Pubic Hair - The Brazilian Wax

In part 1 of this article we discussed what an ingrown pubic hair is, and how to eliminate it should it happen to you.

Here we will now elaborate how not to get ingrown pubic hair at all through some easy hair prevention care.

What is an Ingrown Pubic Hair?

An ingrown pubic hair is one that grows at an abnormal angle and turns back into the skin, causing the formation of a pustule or papule (A small, solid inflammatory elevation of the skin that may or may not contain pus. Also commonly known as "razor bumps"). It can also be a hair that is trapped due to blockage at the hair follicle level.

How to Prevent Ingrown Pubic Hair

To achieve the "bald look" (or more glamorously known as the Hollywood or Brazilian look) you will have to either (a) shave, (b) be waxed, (c) be "halawa-ed" - a sugar based hair removing technique, (d) depilatory cream, or (e) be Indian threaded. It can be safely assumed that if you are waxed, halawa-ed, or threaded, you are using a professional.

You can wax yourself, but certainly not in all the hard to reach places. If you are using a professional, you should exfoliate first. This will remove the dead skin cells that can interfere with the complete hair removal, and cause some ingrown problems.

After the professional treatment you must insist on the use of disinfecting solution and moisturizing cream applied after treatment. This should insure the pores stay open and soften the remaining hair enough to find its way out. It is an extra expense, but well worth the investment.

For Those who choose to Shave

You obviously have a choice of electric razor or blade. In today's marketplace you find acceptable choices for both, but the electric razor is superior, and the re-grown hair is softer and less likely to grow inward. Shave in the direction of the hair growth, not against it.

As a preparation, always exfoliate with a hot towel compress, and follow that by a gentle scrub with a loofa (an Egyptian aquatic sponge-like plant that is excellent for skin exfoliation), with warm soapy water. After drying, use the electric razor in short strokes, not pulling back the skin too much, and shave towards, not against the natural hair growth.

The normal razor is less complicated, and one should shave in the shower, where the skin has been softened by constant hot water.

Use a non-scented shaving cream or gel (King of Shaves is an excellent choice, as it has both T-Tree Oil and Aloe Vera) and as above, shave in the direction of the natural hair growth. When you are finished, apply a similar moisturizing lotion, such as suggested above with electric razor. Obviously, the hard to reach places are just that. Be careful.

The last choice are the depilatory creams. Do a patch test on some other place of your body to see if you react well to these chemicals.

These creams usually contain two chemicals (sodium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate) that do a good job at dissolving keratin (the material that makes up your hair).

However, they are strong chemicals and can cause irritation, so you must make sure you tolerate them.

Following these few suggestions you will prevent the formation of ingrown pubic hair, and be a smooth as you in such a private place as the pubic area.


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