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Female Erogenous Zones

Female Erogenous Zones - Tips to Drive Her Wild Part 2

In part 1 of this article we looked at the bottom half of the today and some erogenous zones that are not obvious and here we are going to do the same with the top half of the body.

Women have far more erogenous zones than many men think so lets look at them.

Scalp & Hair

The scalp is very sensitive to stimulation. Women like having their hair played with and some like you to act the caveman and pull it - Just make sure you find out what your partner likes beforehand.

A very simple way to turn women on is to brush her hair and this is a very loving and a very sensual act.
Most women don't expect you to do this so surprise her and see how she reacts.


Lots of nerve endings are located in and around the ears. Use the pads of your index finger and thumb to massage the outer ears with slow, but firm pressure. You can also squeeze the earlobes.

Take time to explore the area behind and in the ear with your lips and tongue with firm purposeful action and dot slobber that's huge turn off.


Women love to kiss!

In fact 90% complain that guys just don't do it enough. Women love kissing as it indicates intimacy, togetherness and passion.

There is not enough room to cover all kissing techniques here (see our specific articles) but there are three main ingredients:

Passion, variety and concentration to make a kiss flow and be mind blowing for both partners. Don't just kiss on the lips though try the cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck, or earlobes and do it with passion and variety.

Her Neck

This is one of the biggest erogenous zones for women. Kissing, nibbling and licking it can send most women into ecstasy.

Cover all areas of the neck with kisses, using the areas under and behind the ears to really make her feel great. Start gently and slowly go harder and be more passionate. This is a top erogenous zone so don't neglect it.


Breasts we all know there an erogenous zone but don't make the major mistake most men make:
Concentrating on them too much or with to much passion before your partners ready.

The trick is to be gentle, until you know she is ready for her breasts to be attended to.

Caress her breasts and gently fondle and kiss them. Stay way from the nipples until they become hard and you know she is aroused.

The breast region is full of nerve endings and all women's breasts have the same number of nerve endings.

Woman with small breasts therefore may experience increased sensations per touch than someone with larger breasts. This is due to the amount of nerve endings being more concentrated.

Areas that are especially sensitive to touch are the nipple and the areola (the pink area around the nipple). One of the most sensitive spots of the entire breast region is the underside of the breast and you should also target this area.

All women are different. Some like there breasts being played with hard and others like a gentler approach.

You really have to find out how your partner likes it and follow her lead.

Never target the nipple to quickly (unless she wants you to) tease her and make sure your partner receives plenty of attention over the entire breast region first.

It's a tease and turn on for most women and will make it much more pleasurable when you concentrate on the nipple region.

Back & Shoulders

The back and shoulders are neglected but they shouldn't be kissing her shoulders can be highly erotic and massaging her shoulders will relax and stimulate your partner.

Most women love being massaged so treat her to an erotic massage with sensual oils. If you find any women that don't appreciate this then we would be surprised we haven't!

It relaxes shows care and passion and most women will love it.

Finally, don't neglect the spine make it tingle by kissing and licking it and the base of the spine is extremely sensitive.

So there you have it. Some obvious female erogenous zones and some not so obvious for the lower part of the body see part 1 of this article.

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