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Female Orgasm — Understanding It and Making It Happen

To give a women pleasure it is important to understand the stages of the female orgasm and what they mean to give your partner pleasure and satisfaction.

In Western terms, the female orgasm is (from the Greek orgasmos, "to swell"), is also known as the sexual climax; a pleasurable physical, psychological and emotional response to prolonged sexual stimulation.

A female orgasm, like the male one, is often accompanied by a notable physiological reaction, such as blushing with or without spasms and may be followed by additional spasms known as aftershocks.

In the East, as described in the Chinese Tao of sex, the female orgasm is far more categorized, and is said to have 9 stages.

Most men (from the East and West) who are not aware of the 9 stages often stop at stage 4, thus depriving the woman of the ultimate pleasure available to her. The 9 stages are as:

The 9 stages of female orgasm

1. The "lung"stage, where the woman "sighs", breathes very heavily and salivates.
2. The "heart" stage where the woman is kissing her man often extending her tongue out to him.
3. The "spleen, pancreas, and stomach" stage where the woman's muscles become tense, and she grasps her man tightly.
4. The "kidney and bladder" stage where the woman experiences a series of vaginal spasms, and she will have much vaginal secretion simultaneously. The untrained man believes this is the climax.
5. The "bone" stage, where the woman's joints loosen and she will bite her partner.
6. The "liver and nerve" stage, where the woman moves like a snake under or over her man, and she will wrap her arms and legs around him.
7. The "blood" stage, where the woman's blood feels like it is boiling and she is grasping her man everywhere.
8. The "muscle" stage, where the woman's muscles totally relax, but she is known to grasp even more and bite the man's nipples.
9. The "complete body" stage, where the woman finally collapse, and feels what is known as the little death.

Psychological stages of the female orgasm
Certainly the Eastern approach to a female orgasm is far more organized than just a "sexual climax". But looked at more carefully, lets understand what is happening physiologically.

The female orgasm is preceded by moistening of the vaginal walls, and an enlargement of the clitoris due to increased blood flow trapped in the clitoris’s spongy tissue.

Many women exhibit a sex flush; a reddening of the skin over much of the body due to increased blood flow to the skin. As a woman approaches her orgasm, her clitoris retracts under the clitoral hood, and the labia minora (minor lips) becomes darker (due to blood swell).

As her orgasm becomes imminent, the vagina decreases in size from 25% to 40% and also becomes congested from engorged soft tissue. The uterus can then experiences muscular contractions.

A woman experiences full orgasm (in Western terms) when her uterus, vagina and pelvic muscles undergo a series of rhythmic contractions. The majority of women consider these contractions to be very pleasurable.
It is at this point, Western and Eastern conceptions differ. In Western thought, after the orgasm is over, the clitoris re-emerges from under the clitoral hood, and returns to its normal size in less than 10 minutes.

Multiple female orgasms

Unlike men, women either do not have a refractory period or have a very short one, and thus can experience a second orgasm soon after the first; some women can even follow this with additional consecutive orgasms, up to eight have been reported amongst some people; this is known as having multiple orgasms. In Eastern thought, these are just part of the process.

Again, in Western thought, a distinction is sometimes made between a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm. A female orgasm that results from combined clitoral and vaginal stimulation is called a blended orgasm. In Eastern thought, this is getting closer to stage 9.

A final consideration is the case of female ejaculation. It is not considered at all in Eastern thought, but in the West there is a long-standing discussion about the existence of Female ejaculation (colloquially known as squirting or gushing). This refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of fluid from the urethra or vagina during sexual stimulation at or near orgasm. The expelled fluid is reported variously as:

  • Urine, possibly due to stress incontinence,
  • A clear or milky fluid which emerges (sometimes with force), has a composition similar to the fluid generated in males by the prostate gland, and is generated by Skene’s glands, or
  • A mixture of these two fluids.
  • None of the above, but only an excess of vaginal lubricating fluids, and is a concept used to support feminist theory or the stuff of interest for porno films.

The fact is the female orgasm goes through various stages knowing what these stages are and what to expect means that you can respond and guide you women to ultimate satisfaction.

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