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Foreplay: Igniting A Man's Passion - Woman's Version

There is nothing that will excite a man more than a woman engaged in active foreplay.

As men are usually not as sensitive to signs and subtle messages (as are women), the foreplay a woman uses to excite her man will vary on the situation and man's state of readiness for sex.

A woman also has to caution on not being too forward, as that also puts men off.although some men also love this activity as well.

Some obvious starter foreplay moves for the woman is hand contact during conversation.

Lightly touching his arm in conversation is almost enough to give every indication that more is to come. Also, if sitting at the table, leg touching is another understandable sign for the man.

Getting Down to Business

For a woman, foreplay is quite different than it is for a man. A man in foreplay is used to sensitize the woman, and ignite her feelings of passion. For a woman in foreplay, she is turning on the man's entire reproductive system!

The woman will be kissed, but can kiss back, and even take the lead in kissing. Once kissing on the mouth is achieved, she can use her hands, her tongue, her lips, her breasts, and even her entire body to stimulate the man.

In a kind of sensual massage, the woman can tongue bath the man. Kiss him and lick him everywhere (except his penis, the subject of which is covered in our articles )

She can lightly bite at his nipples, and stroke him on his chest, The woman can grab the man's buttocks, and squeeze, teasing him by letting her fingers run near, but not touching his anus. The teasing aspect is very important to female foreplay on the man, and will serve her well as to bring to bed his passion and sexual energy.

How Long Should Foreplay Last

The length of foreplay is a very personal thing. If the man has some kind of ED (erectile dysfunction), foreplay for long periods may be just what is required. If he is a man who finishes pre-maturely, extended foreplay to get him to relax (especially erotic massage) may help him to control his premature ejaculation.

The Final Step in Foreplay

Not all women are fond of fellacio, and in fact, many women do not practice it.

They are not aware perhaps how important it is to most men, and perhaps a great reason for much marital infidelity is the fact that men denied fellacio at home will search it out elsewhere.

The fact is, before penetration, a man appreciates some fellacio, as it will strengthen his erection, excite the most important nerve centers in his penis (with stimulation that sometimes cannot be found in intercourse), and compliment his masculinity

The important thing about foreplay by women for the man is that it sets very well the setting for mutual appreciation in the sexual act. It also is a very good sign to the man of your affection. Do not underestimate foreplay's importance to the man.

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