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Foreplay – The Key to Ultimate Sexual Fulfillment

According to years of sexual surveys, it seems foreplay was something a man did to a woman prior to penetration.

This is a misconception, and mutual foreplay has proven to be the correct activity to any sexual encounter.

So why is foreplay so important? Let’s take a look.

Why foreplay is so important

There is no such thing as too much foreplay either, as it expands and enlarges the sexual experience. Except for encounters known as ‘quickies’, foreplay has a role that prepares the sexual partners both mentally and physically for the experience.

The orgasms that follow are prolonged and more fulfilling after good foreplay. Foreplay helps make sex more enjoyable.

Foreplay is also important as it gives the woman time for her own built-in lubrication system to start working, and for a man, it helps to increase his libido, the surge of testosterone, and desire.

For a woman, the foreplay begins with a man’s overall sensitivity to her feelings.

The flowers she has been presented with, the small gift of lingerie, perfume, or just candy, but these send special signals to the woman’s brain and help turn on the sexual centers that reside there.

Setting the mood

Is music part of foreplay? Certainly. The correct choice of music can bring on sexual stimulation just by itself. Also room lighting, and even the smell of the room. All these details are important, and are an integral part of foreplay.

Commencing foreplay

Once the mood is established, you can proceed to more definite foreplay. This foreplay can include the actions of slowly undressing, kissing, petting, and oral sex. Take your time; learn what your partner likes. Undressing can be a real turn on, and learn now to underdress yourself in a sexy way. Practice in front of the mirror.

As you begin the formal physical foreplay, take your time, and begin by kissing and caressing. Your kiss must be a physical expression of love and desire. Do not stop kissing in foreplay however, and make it still during sexual intercourse.

Research reveals that most women complain that their partners don't kiss long enough and move directly to penetration. Kiss your partner on every part of the body (for example, many women enjoy particular kissing and nibbling attention to the neck and shoulders). However, this foreplay is not just for the woman.

A man needs his foreplay too. The woman should assume also a role in foreplay, and not only oral sex. This can mean manual stimulation to his nipples, or kissing them, and other erotic parts of his body. Ask him, he will be glad to tell you what turns him on.

A woman should also be an expert with her hands on his penis. Remember the penis has no lubrication system (as does the vagina), so you need at least saliva, and at best, a water-based (non-toxic) sexual lubricant. Don’t be shy to bring out the tube. Most if not all men will love it, and it’s a great turn on. Do not use too much as some friction is important.

Be creative

Be creative. While one hand is working on his penis, use the other to fondle his testicles or stroke a nipple. Use your tongue on his testicles or nibble his neck, the inside of his thighs and his nipples. Be prepared for fellacio, an ultimate turn on for most men. He may return the compliment with a long and wonderful cunnilingus, and when are both bursting with desire, and your breathing is elevated, you can then begin penetration.

We will stress again, there is no such thing as ‘too much foreplay’.

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