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Foreplay: The Open Doorway to Sex - Men's Version

So you found a lady that fills your mind and heart with desire. You dream of your intimate relations with her, but how to begin? Foreplay is your open doorway to sex, but you must know how, when, and what to do in foreplay.

If you think foreplay is just some casual kissing, think again. You are way off the mark. Foreplay begins with conversation, and a woman is receptive far beyond what any man might believe. Foreplay is your option of filling her heart with the same desire you have.

When Does Foreplay Begin? Stimuli to the Five Senses

Foreplay begins, if you are ready to understand it, with your first contact. You must always arrive to your lady with flowers.

These flowers, roses particularly, must have a delicate, sweet, and lasting aroma. She will smell them, and her senses become far more acute than you might imagine. Ladies will always smell the flowers you bring them

Try to touch her hand as you give the flowers.some light and gentle stroke. This will be the first stimulus to her sense of touch. As you give the flowers, compliment her on her looks and this will be the first stimulus to her sense of hearing.

Look into her eyes as you compliment her, and the sense of sight is filled with your sincere glance, and if you are good at this kind of thing, a longing desire.

We are left with the sense of taste. If you are taking her out to diner, you will have a great opportunity to please her. If not, there is always candy or try and get her to drink some wine.

More Serious Stimulations

If foreplay has begun from the first contact with your lady they continue on as you become intimate. Learn where are her erogenous zones (slightly different for each woman), and go for these areas. That means light and delicate stroking, kissing and nuzzling these areas.

As a general rule the shoulder, near the nape of the neck is a great area to start. Kissing on the mouth is serious stimulation, and good foreplay, but let that be a bit later, Kiss her on the inside of the forearm, near the inside of the elbow. While you are kissing her, also remind her how beautiful she is (more aural stimulation), and if you can, keep some eye contact.

If you find yourselves now undressed, you must remember that kissing on the obvious areas; the breasts and genital zone, will bring greater results if you move there slowly, and tease before you arrive.

Kiss the inside of the thighs, about 15 cm from the knees, and even on the lower leg are great nerves to stimulate. The back of the calf is full of nerve endings.kiss and stoke there too.

Move to the breasts. If your lady has large breasts, with a large nipple area, you might use more of a kissing-sucking combination. If she has smaller breasts with girlish nipples, you can kiss and lightly bite the areas (do not cause any pain in any way during foreplay).

Use your tongue and go in clockwise circles around the nipple. You can slightly blow also some cool air on the nipple after sucking and kissing it.

Continue kissing as you arrive near to, but not on the genital area. Kiss and stroke around it, near to it, but do not touch it.

The most serious part of foreplay can be cunnilingus, which is the subject of several articles in their own right.

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