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French Kissing - Kissing Tips for a Kiss to Remember!

It's that time of the year when the drink is flowing and you very often get to kiss girls or guys you wouldn't normally, so if you get the chance give your partner a kiss to remember.

Why is it someone can give a kiss that makes there partner melt yet another can leave them cold?

Let's find out with some tips guaranteed to make you partner melt and want more.

1. Kissing involves the whole body

Kissing is not simply about putting your tongue in your partner's mouth, there is much more to it than that.

A kiss should be an expression of affection from your whole body.

When you kiss make sure your body language is correct and the way to do this is to relax.

When you hold your partner she will feel if you are relaxed, if you are like a stiff dead weight passion can't flow, so relax and dot be self conscious.

When you go to kiss her move your body close and hold her gently.

The main point to remember is:

2. Kissing is a two way action

When you kiss move slowly at first and then start to be explore your partner's mouth with your tongue use a firm tongue and start to alternate between slower and stronger moves.

The point to keep in mind is for a kiss to be successful you both need to enjoy it. Everyone likes to be kissed in a different way i.e. some like soft slow kissing others like more wild action and you need to find out.

When you kiss your partner you will find out how she likes it by her reaction to you and you can simply follow the lead and she will do the same with you.

Kissing is an inter action between two people and should flow naturally if you are both relaxed.

3. Surprise & Variety

The way to make a kiss memorable is not to let your partner know exactly what is coming next. If she is expecting you to kiss her hard slow down and be gentle - Make her wait and tease her.

Try slow and quick movements hard and soft etc and always make sure you do it with:

4. Passion

Passion indicates desire and comes from within. If you are relaxed and follow your heart you will be lost in the kiss.

Kissing is one of the most intimate gestures humans can make and it's a fact that 90% of women and a similar amount of men wished there partner paid more attention to it.

5. Kissing stopping and starting

You can't simply kiss continuously; you need to breathe so when your lips part use this moment to target a key erogenous zone: The neck.

Kissing the neck and going back to the lips is a real turn on and most people love it. In fact in women it is one of the key erogenous zones.

Another great way to add passion to a kiss is to use your hands.

Not simply to hold your partner but to explore her back - Squeeze her behind rub her back, touch her shoulders and play with her hair - Most women simply adore having there hair played with, so take advantage!


A kiss is much more than simply touching lips it's an expression of love, passion and desire.

If you are relaxed you will be lost in the moment and the kiss will flow naturally.

Make sure you relax and use your body, add variety and surprise and whoever you kiss, let them know you're enjoying it and show plenty of passion.

Kissing is a great physical and emotional experience and is not just for teenagers!

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