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Better Sex

Here you will find a number of articles that are designed to enhance your sex life, improve your technique and make your love making more satisfying. You may also want to check our special report - featuring the Top 17 Nautural Libido Enhancers which are a great ;way to increase your libido and enjoy more satisfying sex. Articles are added each week so be sure to check back again soon.

Getting more from Sex Articles:

Your Erection - Understand It & Control It
An obvious physical change in a man's body part, the erection is not as simple as it may appear. If you can understand your erection, you can control it as well.

Premature Ejaculation - Simple Tips For Prolonged Sex
There are many techniques, and claims of products that will help you with premature ejaculation, but in fact, if you finish quickly, there is a reason for it.

Female Orgasm - How to Make a Woman Orgasm in 6 Simple Steps
Female orgasm all men want to give their partner one but not all men achieve it.

Rock-hard Erections Without the Blue Pill
Can a man aid his erection without expensive and potentially dangerous medications?

Foreplay – the 5 Best Tips to Initiate Lovemaking
Foreplay is meant to increase the sexual arousal of the partners before sexual intercourse and is an essential part of great sex.

French Kissing-Tips To Give Your Partner The Perfect Kiss
In a survey 90% of women said that they wanted more kissing and noted it is one of their favorite signs of affection, but how to you give the perfect French kiss?

Better Sex – 6 Tips for Guys to Satisfy Your Partner Part 1
Do you want to enjoy better sex with your partner in fact do you want to enjoy great sex? Then the 10 tips below will help you increase satisfaction for you and your partner.

French Kissing – Kissing Tips for a Kiss to Remember!
It’s that time of the year when the drink is flowing and you very often get to kiss girls or guys you wouldn’t normally, so if you get the chance give your partner a kiss to remember.

Female Erogenous Zones – Tips to Drive Her Wild Part 2
In part 1 of this article we looked at the bottom half of the today and some erogenous zones that are not obvious and here we are going to do the same with the top half of the body.

Pagan Sex - Sexual Positons That Work
Pagans are what really? Do they exit today? What do we know about them, and their sexual practices?

Male Erogenous Zones – How to Drive your Man Wild With Desire
If you want to learn how to target your partners erogenous zones and please him then this article is for you.

Become a Better Lover - A Man's Guide to Satisfying Their Partner
What makes a women think her man is a great lover?

Uniforms In The Bedroom – Spice Up Your Sex Life Part 1
If you want to excite your man or you want your partner to excite you try introducing uniforms in the bedroom.

Sex History Ancient Greece - Part 1 Society & Sex
More than any other ancient society (except Rome), the Greeks kept very accurate records about their daily life.

Sex in Ancient Greece – Views Towards Sex & Positions, Part 2
In the first part of the article we covered the background to ancient Greek society and sex.

Become a Better Lover – 10 Common Mistakes Guys Make!
If you want to become a better lover you need to avoid the mistakes below and they are all surprisingly common.

Kama Sutra's - Three Secret Positions for Maximum Pleasure
Most people think the Kama Sutra is just an ancient Indian sex which is partly true and we have covered these areas in other articles.

Male Sex Appeal - What Makes a Man a Great Lover?
Male sexual attraction is not what most men think it is and this is what this article is all about.

Lovemaking Tip - Hit These Areas & Drive Your Partner Wild With Desire
Of course, we all know the obvious erogenous zones to target.

How To French Kiss - & Give Your Partner a Kiss To Remember
French kissing if done correctly can be mind blowing and the good news is that anyone be a good kisser

Sexual in the Morning – Best Position to Use!
Sleeping with someone, especially after an evening of passion can make you look and feel something less than your best in the morning.

French Kissing – How To Be The Perfect Kisser!
In a poll 90% of women said that they wish their partners kissed them more, but what makes a great kiss and you the perfect kisser?

French Kissing – Women Love It Learn How To Do It Correctly!
It’s a fact women particularly love to be kissed and 90% of women claim their partners don’t French kiss them enough or properly. It can be oe of the biggest turn ons for either partner so do it properly and drive your partner wild with passion.

Sex Education - Top Three Sex Books of All Time
Throughout history, and especially today, sex has been a best selling subject, but it’s a fact that most of the best books to educate you in sex are hundreds or even thousands of years old!

Sex and Diet - A Pre-Sexual Encounter Diet (Guys Version)
Sexual encounters can be spontaneous but they can also be anticipated. Sex and diet have long had close associations, but here we examine what to eat just before a sexual encounter.

The Kama Sutra - Guidance For Sex and Much More
Many have heard of the Kama Sutra, and if asked, cannot even tell you what it is. Those who answer, often say it's an ancient Indian sex manual, but this is not quite correct.

Satisfying Your Partner - Top Mistakes Guys Make
Men very often do not satisfy their partners as they make basic fundamental errors, all are easily corrected and are generally related to the differences in the male and female psyches.

After Sex - A Guide To Intimacy After Sex
Certainly the best moments of intimacy are the moments after orgasm, but these are often destroyed by an insensitive partner running for the bathroom or merely rolling over and going to sleep.

The Vagina - Know Your (or your partner's) Anatomy
The Vagina and even the word seems mystical.

The Penis - Know Your (Or Your Partner's) Anatomy
The man's sexual (and excretory) organ, the penis, is not as simple as it may appear. One should know all about his penis, and connected sexual organs, as it plays, in one way or another, an important part in every man's life.

Cunnilingus 101 -- How To Give Your Partner Maximum Pleasure
Of all the alternative pre-penetration sexual acts, cunnilingus is the one that for time spent, brings you the greatest rewards (for your efforts) in pleasing your partner.

Foreplay: Igniting A Man's Passion - Woman's Version
There is nothing that will excite a man more than a woman engaged in active foreplay.

Foreplay: The Open Doorway to Sex - Men's Version
So you found a lady that fills your mind and heart with desire. You dream of your intimate relations with her, but how to begin? Foreplay is your open doorway to sex, but you must know how, when, and what to do in foreplay.

How To Succeed With Women - Get The Women Of Your Dreams Now
Have you noticed sometimes how some men are naturally successful with women than others and more to the point, how often have you seen a gorgeous women and thought wow how did he get her?

The Vibrator - Successor to the Dildo, and Sexual Fulfillment
Today's vibrator is fast becoming a high-tech sex aid that can help women (and men) achieve a high quality orgasm when a partner is not available, or when the woman feels she needs such physio-psychological sensations. The use of vibrators and their purpose is nothing new, only our approach to them.

Kama Sutra's Hottest Sexual Positions
Many people believe the Kama Sutra (written about 350 A.D. in India's Golden Age) is just a sex manual. Not so.

The G-Spot - A Woman's Trigger for Mind Blowing Orgasms
The G-spot? Do you know what it is? Where it is? This small article may change your sex life for the better and for good!

Increase Sexual Desire - For Women The Exercise Of The Deer
In part one of this article, we learned about the benefits to the man by employing a simple exercise and massage technique. This leads to increased sexual energy, health and well-being.

Increase Sexual Desire For Men The Exercise of the Deer
In today's world of western science with chemical solutions to everything, we are quickly forgetting that the human race has had tens of thousands of years of their own evolutionary progress using natural and effective methods.

The Tao of Thrusting in Sexual Intercourse
In ancient China, sexual practices were investigated century after century. Finally the ancient Taoist Masters began to draw conclusions about all human actions; and their conformity to ideal (Tao - the basic, eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality and is the source of being, non-being, and change) as regards the process of creation.

Male Ejaculation -The Chinese Sexual Secret of Internal Male Ejaculation
To properly understand this article and the reasons (and preparation) for the Chinese sexual secret of internal male ejaculation.

French Kissing - Basics Drive Your Partner Wild with Passion!
It’s a fact women particularly love to be kissed and the lips are one of the most important erogenous zones for both men and women and the power of a good kiss is neatly summed in the following quote.

Beyond the G-Spot- Secrets of the Female Human Body & The U Spot
There has much been written about the G-Spot (named after its discoverer, Grafenburg). It is an area within the woman’s vagina that, when stimulated, can bring intense pleasure.

Sex in the Car – A Guide For Maximum Pleasure
Sounds like something for teenagers, but actually having sex in an automobile may be your only chance for real privacy and satisfaction.

Druids and Sex - What Can We Learn From Them?
If you think the druids can't teach you much about enhancing your sex life - Think again!

Sex In Ancient Greece - Favorite Positions For Sex
No ancient society’s daily habits and sexual preferences have been more recorded than those of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks were sexually liberated, and would even seem open minded by today’s standards.

The Quickie - Where, How and When
The Quickie, or sex in public places, can be some of the best sexual memories you can have; if done correctly and with thinking about when, how and where.

Roman Sex – Hot Sex from the Frescos in Pompeii
Most people know the Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of the volcano Vesuvius.

Female Erogenous Zones – Secrets To Drive Her Wild With Your Tongue
One obvious erogenous zone comes to mind and we will cover that, but there are many others that are often neglected!

Foreplay – The Key to Ultimate Sexual Fulfillment
According to years of sexual surveys, it seems foreplay was something a man did to a woman prior to penetration.

Positions For Sex - The Top 3 in History!
Reading the Kama Sutra or the Perfumed Garden and learning the positions outlined in them will bring you numerous sexual positions to give you and your partner huge satisfaction in your sex life.

The G-Spot – Target It For Mind Blowing Orgasms
Once you will learn how to find the G-spot with your lady partner, and with the use of appropriate sexual positions to stimulate it, you can give her mind blowing orgasms time after time.

Tantaric Sex - Tantra Exercises for Maximum Sexual Stamina
Tantric sex is now in the spotlight but what is it and how can it help your love life? Read on and find out,its not what many people think

The Mile High Club - Sex in the Skies
Perhaps it's a clich?, but the Mile High Club exists and has an elite and proud membership. However, it is not as easy as it sounds and discrete sex has both its advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, the advantages outweigh the latter.

The G Spot - Techniques and Positions To Hit It Every Time!
There is nothing you can do more for you lady than to be a considerate and proficient lover.

Getting More From Sex - Keeping Your Sex Life Alive!
There is nothing worse for a relationship than neglect, you need to keep your relationship fresh and passionate and this is what this article is all about.

Losing Your Virginity - A Girl's Guide To The First Time
If you are reading this, and fit the situation, then the subject is already a consideration on your mind.

Her Virginity - A Guide for Guys for Her First Time
Contrary to popular belief, taking a girl's virginity is not an easy subject to discuss and picking them moment causes a lot of guy's embarrassment and awkwardness. So how do you approach the subject and when do you know the time is right.

Sexual Massage - How To Enhance Any Relationship
In human relationships, one should not underestimate the important of touch and this article is all about using touch to show your partner how much you love and care for them.

Kama Sutra - 3 Best Positions For Sex and More!
In This article we are going to look at what the Kama Sutra is about and cover the three best positions for sexual enjoyment.

G Spot - Hit the G-Spot Every Time!
You will learn here how to find the G-spot with your partner, and once finding it, use of a special sexual position to stimulate it, and bring her quickly to climax after climax (once you learn the technique).

Female Orgasm - 3 Ideal Positions for maximum pleasure
We have already looked at what the female orgasm is in other articles, here we are going to look at how you and your partner can achieve satisfying orgasms and enhance your relationship.

Female Orgasm - Understanding It and Making It Happen
To give a women pleasure it is important to understand the stages of the female orgasm and what they mean to give your partner pleasure and satisfaction.

Female Seduction - What Women Really Expect From men
Men tend to be more easily aroused than women, for female seduction men need to take an approach that is subtle as women tend not to want to jump straight into bed

Female Erogenous Zones – Exploring These 9 Zones and Drive Your Partner Wild!
What are the erogenous zones that drive women wild with passion? Most obvious ones of course are her breasts and her clitoris, however there are many more....

Anal Sex - Introduce Your Women To The Delights Of Anal Sex
Some women love anal sex and some do not, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for your women, but many women are not sure about trying it ...

Where is the G Spot?
Women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, and of course the G-Spot, the latter can give her a massively satisfying orgasm if stimulated correctly. Here we will look at how to find it and give your partner immense pleasure once you do! ...

Fellatio - How To Pleasure Your Partner
Most men love this! Fellatio is the act of applying your lips to a man's penis with the purpose of giving him pleasure...

Cunnilingus if performed correctly
Cunnilingus if performed correctly, has the potential to give your women an exceptional orgasm and many women actually prefer it to full intercourse...

Your Semen - Treat your partner and make it taste better
Semen is an acquired taste. While many people like the taste many do not and some women just hate to swallow. The main complaint being the bitter taste with many people likening it to a bleach flavor with salt, hardly a turn on...

Sexuality Tests
The next time you are surfing the Internet for information regarding sex, you may want to try your hand at one of the many sexuality tests that are available...

Pleasuring Her Sexuality
There was this woman I dated months ago, whom I was unable to arouse in the bedroom. She was very attracted to me and we had made it that far, but for some reason...


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