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Getting More From Sex - Keeping Your Sex Life Alive!

There is nothing worse for a relationship than neglect, you need to keep your relationship fresh and passionate and this is what this article is all about.

A relationship is like a bank account. If you constantly make withdrawals and no deposits, the bank account will soon close for lack of funds.

So too, relying on a few plain old sexual positions will usually result in both partners of a relationship becoming bored, and eventually, the sexual (and love making) act, will appear bland and uninteresting.

It seems that each couple develops a kind of routine; and if the couple really cares about each other, they will have a place in this routine for "new and cool stuff". This article is about that, and it can keep your Sexlife alive and exciting.

Consider a quick change from the bed in the bedroom is the chair in the living room. Believe it or not, having sex on a chair can be as varied as on the bed, gives the couple a whole new range of sensations, and can be fun as well.

There are few basic positions, and these have also their variants, and allows the couple to be very creative (giving a warm loving feeling as well).

Basic Position: Knelling on the Chair.

In the position you use a standard dining room chair, with high back. The girl kneels on the chair and faces the back of the chair holding on to start.

The man enters from the rear (a variant of the doggy-style pose) but with a lot of advantages. The guy can massage his partner, fondle her breasts, and stimulate her clitoris.

This allows for deep penetration, and slow and long trusting is advised. The girl can push back with her hands creating greater friction. This is a very sexy position, and almost always ends up in mutual orgasm.

Basic Position Two: Seeing "eye to eye"

For this position you use either the sofa for an arm chair. The man sits down normally and the woman then sits on the man's lap, but her legs over each of the arms of the chair. The man easily enters, and this position the couple are really eye to eye.

The man now supports his partner at her waste, and helps her move up and down. This position allows for both maximum clitoral and G-spot stimulation and can end in a dramatic orgasm for the woman.

Second Position: The Jackknife

Here the couple are assumed to be more or less athletic. The woman rests her arms to the elbow on the chair seat, and holds on the back of the chair. The man then lifts her legs, and supports her, and the woman will wrap her legs around the man's waist and back. The man enters her, and there is no trusting, only deep penetration.

This has minimal clitoral or G-spot stimulation, but it is a very unique feeling and often the couple reach an orgasm quickly, as the movements are very intimate.

Second Position: Across the Sea

Here the woman lays across the arm chair, and not sitting on it. She is in a prone position, using one arm for a pillow and the other arm supporting her pelvic area.

The man enters from the rear, and the woman then, if she wishes, can bring her legs together, giving the man an exquisite feeling.

This allows for clitoral friction and some G-spot stimulation as the man's penis will tend to trust downward. It is a wonderfully personal position, and allows for much intimacy between the couple.

Keeping your Sexlife alive does require variety, so try the above.

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