Hair Care - Top Tips For Fabulous Looking Hair

If you want your hair to look its best, then all you need to do is follow the quick and simple tips that we have outlined below which are proven to work.

Here are your top hair care tips:

1. Use Cold Water After Conditioning

After conditioning your hair. This will ensure that the shine as it will shut down the cuticles in the scalp

2. Use quality serum product

More expensive hair serums are soluble in water and therefore easier to wash out than cheaper brands. This will ensure that they don't remain on the hair which can lead to texture damage.

3. Use an absorbent towel

This will cut down on drying time and damage to your hair.

4. Brush Hair Before You Sleep

This will ensure that the natural oils in your hair are distributed evenly and act as a conditioning agent.

5. Fit a Nozzle To Your Dryer

This will cut down the time that you spend blow drying and will ensure hair is smooth and shiny.

6. Towel Dry First

Towel drying before you use a hairdryer is a great way to cut down on drying time. Intense heat on very wet hair creates steam, which damages hair fibres.

7. Get A Good Brush

There not expensive and a brush that has natural and nylon fibres is always a good choice and will ensure no damage when brushing.

8. Use Intensive conditioner at least weekly and

Always use a conditioner anyway. Many women with fine hair don't bother but they should. An intensive conditioner weekly is a great way to give your hair a treat.

9. Get protection from heat

Your hair will be in much better condition if you protect your hair from the heat of styling tools.

10. Cold Air

When you have finished drying your hair make sure that you turn your dryer to cold, and work over the head for a minute or two - this will ensure a great shine.

You spend a lot of time treating your skin, but beautiful hair is one of the best features of any women, so give it the respect and pampering it deserves.


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