Pilates Exercise and the 7 Benefits

Creating an exercise routine that works both the mind and the body is missing from many gyms through out America. We seem to intensely focus on workouts that laser focus specific muscle groups or problem areas. Lately however, a revival has started with more and more focus being put on a way to synchronize our physical with the mental health.

Pilates Exercise is leading the way on this. Pilates exercise consists of over 500 specific exercises that performed with a handful of specially designed equipment. Named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, Pilates exercise concentrates on certain positions and movements that call upon the needed stress to keep the body healthy. Instead of weight lifting, Pilates use stretching and maintaining certain positions for a period of time to achieve results.

Pilates exercise is packed full of benefits, just a few of them are…

1. A Healthier Body - Pilates exercise are created to keep your body strong and flexible. Also because some of these exercises are also cardiovascular you also will improve your respiratory systems.

2. Fat Burning - Pilates will increase the heart rate and in turn your metabolism, which allows for your body to burn excess fats.

3. Improved Balance & Coordination - Pilates improves your coordination, as balance is always observed.

4. Posture - Your abdomen and back muscles will be strengthened, your spinal columns will gain strength and the end result will be your posture will improve, given the body control that is fostered by the Pilates program. Pilates exercise makes good use of these areas in most of the exercises it uses.

5. Stress Relief - Pilates is a great stress reliever. Exercise in general is a great way to reduce stress but because Pilates is not an extraneous workout at all, and will give the mind the chance to relax by focusing on the exercises without applying too much strain on you.

6. Easy to Do - Pilates is a very easy to get to regimen. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, you will have no problem adapting to the program.

7. Can Do Anywhere - Pilates exercise is great for busy people, in fact some routines only last for ten minutes, and these include the required daily Pilate exercises for a regular commitment to the program.

As you can see Pilates is a routine that anyone can easily begin and with all the amazing benefits that it promotes to help anyone achieve a healthy lifestyle, you would be smart to look at Pilates as an option to help you achieve a healthy and full life.

Jason Katzenback


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