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How To Succeed With Women - Get The Women Of Your Dreams Now

Have you noticed sometimes how some men are naturally successful with women than others and more to the point, how often have you seen a gorgeous women and thought wow how did he get her?

Well let's find out how he did and how you could to.

The first point to note is, women are much less physically aroused than men and you have to approach at both mind and body level to succeed.

The mind is the key to the body here and this is where you need to start.

Let's take a hypothetical example.

First things first

1. Be friendly & Polite

You fancy someone in your office but you know that really she has not noticed you yet, but you are about to change this.

Work on being polite, courteous and paying her compliments (but not of a sexual nature please, at this stage ) and engaging them in intelligent conversation.

Women like to be complimented on their appearance, so take note this is the way to go, not your breasts look fantastic, that will make her think you are just after one thing.

2. The first date

Now your friendly you can ask her out, but don't tell her you fancy her! Just a date between friends.

Make sure your well groomed, punctual, well mannered and make sure that you pay her your full attention.

Open doors take, her coat etc make sure you concentrate on her and talk about things you know she likes make sure that you that you do not pay any sexual compliments.

You will know how it went and you may find this girl growing to like you. This is where you still stay cool calm and collected try going out again with her and get to know her more.

Women like to be treated with respect, NOT purely as objects of desire and you need to keep this firmly in your mind.

While they don't like to be treated as sex objects of desire, all women like compliments.

If they have made an effort getting dressed up compliment them, also on other areas that they make an effort - They may be good at their job, play tennis well, it doesn't matter, just show an interest and make them feel good about themselves.

3. Picking the right moment

Picking the right moment to tell her your true feelings is down to your intuition, but you will know when the time is right and when you do, don't try and jump into bed with her straight away.

Just make your feelings known you will then let her decide when the time is right.

Don't be pushy! She will give you the signals when she is ready and thats the way it should be.

4. Sexual connection

So far we have concentrated on the mind aspect and we have focused on areas most women like:

To be treated with respect, feel wanted, feel there date is interested in them NOT Just sex and someone who is confident, but not pushy or aggressive.

When it does come to sleeping with your partner you need to be sensitive.

We have lots of articles on the art of lovemaking and how to make your women satisfied, so here we will make just one important point:

5. Sensitivity to her needs

Women tend to be turned on by considerate men and that includes in the bedroom!

This does not just mean just focusing on the sexual act of intercourse.

It means lots of kissing, foreplay and finding out what she wants and making sure she is feeling happy and wanted and this will turn her on.


Always keep in mind that women are not as motivated by sex as men.

How often have you seen beautiful women, say they love their partners because their considerate and loving?

Very few women come out and say:

I am with my partner just because he is good in bed!

Keep the above in mind and you will have a much better chance of finding the women of your dreams.

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