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Male Sex Appeal - What Makes a Man a Great Lover?

Male sexual attraction is not what most men think it is and this is what this article is all about.

If they got rid of the stereotype and focused on the reality of what women really want, they can be termed a sensational lover. So in terms of male sexual attraction what do women look for? Let's find out.

It's not the size of his manhood, and while looks are important they are not often the over riding consideration for a women, neither is the fact that he has read and practiced numerous sexual positions.

These misconceptions are peddled by the sex and porn industry; however they are not important in terms of male sexual attraction to women, which is based on 4 principles:

1. Appearance

Before we move on to sexual attraction in the bedroom but first, let's quickly cover how a mans appearance and they way he presents himself.

We all know that looks count but there are ways to make the best of what you have.

Most women are just more interested in what's on the inside rather than simply looks.

If you are polite, well mannered, romantic and considerate, these traits will normally impress any women.

You may not look like Tom Cruise or David Beckham but not many people do however there are some simple things you can do to enhance your looks and appeal.

Starting with the face, make sure that your skin is well cleansed, toned, moisturized and always be aware of what women always like in a man which is:

A beautiful smile.

Today, getting an eye catching smile is easy.

Obviously, regular trips to the dentist are a must, but also make sure your teeth are gleaming white. It's a great feature to have and with Tooth whitening kits around for under 50 dollars, you have no excuse.

The way you dress is critical to how people perceive you.

If you don't have an eye for fashion don't worry, invest in an image consultant - It's a few hundred dollars well spent and they are trained to show you how to look your best.

Now, the next stage.

What women want in the bedroom and how to satisfy them.

2. Consideration

A great lover is a considerate lover.

You are not there just to satisfy your needs, you need to satisfy your partner as well.

This of course, takes openness and communication. Don't be shy or embarrassed, to ask your partner what she likes and doesn't like.

Your both adults and communication is essential to great sex.

3. Love making technique

There is no such thing as the right way to make love.

We all have different likes, dislikes and things that satisfy us.

There are however some basics that apply to most women.

Women don't normally view sex as simply sex; they view it as forming and exploring an emotional attachment.

They need plenty of foreplay, to relax and enjoy sex and generally, it takes women a lot longer to be ready for intercourse and orgasm.

We have explored foreplay in our other articles but consider this:

90% of women don't feel their men kiss enough! So kissing is a must.


More than 85% of women are concerned about their bottoms and dont see it a positive feature.

Make sure you boost their confidence. You need to pay it some attention, kiss it, stroke it and tell her you love it.

There are many more tips you can use for foreplay but notice how those two examples are linked to intimacy and emotional bonding, which is essential to becoming a great lover.

Oral sex

Women love it and many women find it easier to orgasm via oral sex rather than full sex.

There are proven techniques that work. Use them and ask her what she wants and how she likes it - No single act ( apart from maybe intercourse itself ) will impress a women more than good oral sex.

4. Orgasm & Satisfaction

The aim is to bring your partner to a hugely satisfying climax and for this you must target the G spot.

Do you need to be an Olympic athlete are trying a position from a porno movie?


You just need to learn the top positions of the Kama Sutra and you will find positions that are easy to do and will bring your partner to orgasm.

More to it?

Yes there is.

The positions and techniques are contained in other articles in this series, however the above is a basic framework for you to build on.

If you do, you can become a great lover.

Sounds easy?

It is, you just need to know what a woman really wants and most men don't.


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