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Male Sexual Well Being

Below you will find some simple diet changes that can help you increase your sex drive naturally, you should also check our special report The 17 Best Natural Libido Enhancers which gives you, the best enhancers from all around the world, ALL in one powerful pill and are proven to increase sex drive and general health naturally

Create Sex Drive Naturally

In a lot of cases the causes of ED can be complex, but in many they are more straightforward, and simply involve a change of lifestyle. Some of the changes that can be made are well known, but some are not. For example, you may find that some of the supplements below, combined with a healthier lifestyle, will make you feel healthier, happier and result may increase your sex drive.

Lifestyle & ED

Today, ED is more common than ever. This is to a degree, a reflection of the society we live in. Today, life has become more stressful than ever:

Work pressures, lack of exercise, poor diet and indulgence in drugs and alcohol, all contribute to stress and poor levels of health that can cause ED.

Three Ways To Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally!

Below you will find a three step process to increase your overall health, fitness and sex drive. The areas that we can all address, (if we want to), are to cut out harmful drugs, become physically fitter and make changes to our diet. The last is a neglected area in many discussions on ED. Not only can you make obvious changes to your diet but you can take certain vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that have been used successfully for centuries to increase sex drive.

Let's deal with the obvious ones first, drugs and alcohol, and fitness:

Drugs and Alcohol
As we have already seen, these are two major causes. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker then these are guaranteed to affect your sex drive, as are recreational drugs such as cocaine. Eventually heavy and sustained use of these drugs are going to hurt you, so make a lifestyle change and cut down, or give them up altogether.

Fitness is misunderstood in terms of overall health. You do not have to spend hours a week in the gym or run miles each day. All you need to do is do exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week and that should be sufficient for most people. Pick an exercise that you enjoy, as it will make it easier. For example, if you hate the gym don't go. Try other forms of exercise such swimming, or alternative exercises such as tai chi, yoga. Exercise is a fantastic stress buster, has a positive affect on the male hormone testosterone, increases circulation and generally instigates a feeling of mental, as well as physical well being. Go to "fitness" for further information on the best exercise for you.

Diet & Supplements
You are what you eat, and when you think about it, if you are eating junk, then this is going to reflect in your overall health and well being. Of course this will reflect in your sexual health as well. We all should be eating a healthy well balanced diet, but this is not the case for many people, who through lack of knowledge or time eat processed or unhealthy food. Go to diet and fitness for more information The diet advice in the health and fitness section explores this topic in greater depth. Here what we want to look at, are vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs that can act as valuable supplements boosting libido and overall health. Taking a combination of the supplements below, to make up for deficiencies in diet, can have a massive effect. The most important ones and their effects are outlined below.

The Best Natural Sex Drive Supplements!

L argentine
This nutrient is highly important for peak sexual performance. Current studies support the use of argentine supplements to ensure that nitric oxide secretion is sufficient to keep blood flowing to the penis. Nitric oxide insufficiency can stop the penis from becoming erect. A study published in 1994 showed an 80 percent improvement in the erectile function of men given 2.8 grams of argentine a day for two weeks.

L Tyrosine
Supports and assists neurotransmitters in the brain. When the body is stressed out, aged, or tired the availability of L-Tyrosine is depleted. L-Tyrosine supplementation helps reduce stress, improves mental alertness, and enhances mood, which in many instances manifests itself in a higher sex drive.

Gingko Bilbao
It is used to improve blood flow to the brain, thus improving concentration, increasing memory (especially in the elderly), enhances blood flow to extremities, such as the legs, and functions as an anti-oxidant in the body.. It helps treat peripheral vascular diseases. It helps inhibit lipid peroxidation of cell membranes, which is a process that leads to clogging of the arteries, or atherosclerois. It also helps people with asthma, migraines, eczema, depression, strokes, brain impairment and respiratory problems. Gingko also helps with tinniutus and emotional instability. A great all round supplement which has been known for centuries to increase sexual desire and arousal.

Korean Ginseng has been used in China as a sexual balancer and revitalizing tonic for over 7000 years. It is stimulating and restorative, improving physical and mental energy, stamina, strength, alertness and concentration. As an adaptogen, it also helps you adapt to physical or emotional stress and fatigue. It has a normalizing effect on hormone imbalances and boosts metabolic rate as well as improving blood flow to the genitals. Like Gingko Bilbao a supplement that has been around for centuries and highly recommended.

Selenium is believed to be good for sperm motility and mobility; nearly 50% of the selenium in a man is in the testes and seminal ducts; men lose selenium in their semen. Getting enough selenium is therefore vital for peak sexual performance.

Zinc is required for the production of testosterone and zinc content of the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other body tissues. A deficiency of zinc is associated with numerous sexual problems, including sperm abnormalities and prostate disease. Zinc not only helps produce testosterone, but also helps to maintain semen volume and adequate levels of testosterone; maintaining sex drive and keeping sperm healthy.

Magnesium is a trace mineral that is important for the production of sex hormones, such as androgen and estrogen and neurotransmitters that modulate the sex drive such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Vitamin A
Helps regulate the synthesis of the sex hormone progesterone.

Vitamin B1
Thiamin (B1) is essential for optimal nerve transmission and energy production throughout the body - which means it's essential for sex.

Vitamin C
Participates in the synthesis of hormones that are involved in sex and fertility: androgen, estrogen and progesterone.

Vitamin E
Often referred to as the sex vitamin, is a powerful antiaging antioxidant that protects cell membranes from free-radical damage and is required for the synthesis of hormones and hormone like substances known as prostaglandins.

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We feel that the above if added to a healthy diet will have a positive affect on both sexual desire and sexual fulfilment.

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Male Sexual Well Being