Relaxation Techniques A Simple Exercise To Relieve Stress

We all know the signs of stress getting to us. The muscles become tense and even cramped. We are frowning and our continence changes (people can easily see you are stressed and anxious). Our tempers become short, and we feel very uncomfortable.

There are relaxation techniques available in many forms and guises. Here is a sure fire relaxation technique and re-energizing exercise as a stress first aid.

Stress management experts and yoga masters both have agreed that the following exercises are a reliable way to recover from acute stress overload. Use it when things become too much for you to handle and your body and nerves are taxed to the limit.

Step 1 - Put out the fire

Excuse yourself and go to the nearest washroom. Make sure to loosen any tight clothing, such as a shirt collar, and immediately wash your hands and face with cold water. Do it slowly. First wash the hands, and then the face. Do it more than once if you need to. You will feel a bit better at once.

Step 2 - The Inner Self-massage

If you need privacy, stay in the washroom, or if at all possible, go into a natural setting such as a park, but find a place to sit down. While you are sitting, flex the muscles of the toes, hold them in the flexed state for about a count to 5, and then release them. Do it again. Relax after each flex.
Move slowly up through your body with the same flexing and relaxing technique; that is move next to the legs, then the abdomen, back, neck, face; contracting and relaxing muscles as you go.

Step 3 - Fill yourself with natural cosmic energy

Now that you are relaxed, you need to breathe deeply and profoundly for 3 minutes. Go out to any open source of fresh air, and stand in a star position. That is with your legs opened to about 40 centimeters, your arms stretched out at the shoulders, one palm turned face down and the other face up, and your body totally erect. You are now in the shape of a pentagram.
Breathe in deeply and feel you are not absorbing only air, but cosmic energy. Do this for 3 minutes, and when completed, rest for a moment of so before you go "back into the world"
What you have accomplished is most likely a significant drop in your blood pressure; you have re-originated your blood supply, and regained your composure. Whatever the stress was that was bothering you in now "managed". Certainly if it was a problem, even a severe one, it would have not just gone away, but your ability to manage it has increased. Your thoughts will be clearer, thus your judgment ability enhanced.
The above exercise can be done if sleeping problems (due to stress and worry) are plaguing you, and also if your day was "just too much". You will find that sleep comes quickly and naturally. The exercise will release your own natural melatonin into your body along with your own natural serotonins, and thus your sleep should be peaceful and profound.