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Sex Education - Top Three Sex Books of All Tim

Throughout history, and especially today, sex has been a best selling subject, but it's a fact that most of the best books to educate you in sex are hundreds or even thousands of years old!.

What then are the top three sex books of all time?

These are three that classics should be a part of everyone's library.

The Kama Sutra

The date the Kama Sutra was written is shrouded in history, and is mentioned in other works as early as the 1st century AD.

It seems it was originally called Kama Shastram (science of desire), but later known as the Kama Sutra (discourses on desire), it is not just a sex manual, but a guide for any man's life.

There are only 64 sexual positions mentioned in the text, and most would take some degree of sexual and physical skill to achieve, but some are easy and great for both partners in terms of pleasure and easy to do.

The rest of the work is mostly life advice, and strangely, a great deal of it is quite valid today.

Certainly a bit of it is still frowned upon, especially sections like the art of seduction of other men's wives. Yet it is realistic and appropriate in the life of every man.

The modern translations are all, for the most part, well done.

The reading is interesting, and enlightening.

The book should be a part of every person's library, as women can learn as much about sex and life from it as men can.

The Perfumed Garden

This timeless classic, written it seems in Tunis sometime in the 16th century (or 925 on the Moslem calendar) by one Sheikh Nefzaoui.

It is a sex manual, straight and certain, covering every aspect of a man and woman's sexual life.

The information is very straightforward, and unlike all other Arab works, there are no commentaries on any of the sections.

This is obviously due to the subject matter.

However, the sexual positions are attainable, enjoyable, and reasons are often given as to why to do a specific position and not another .

The book even has a philosophical nature to it, as it studies the principles that determine the happiness of a man and a woman.

This by consideration of their mutual and basic relations which are dependent upon their character, their health, and so on.

This is a must read for every sexually active adult.

Memoirs of Jacques Casanova

Although most people in the world know the name of this famous Italian, very few indeed have read his entire memoirs.

The writings of Casanova run into about 4 volumes, and they say more by implication than description.

Actually, it is not a sex manual at all, and except for a very few incidences, Casanova does not go into very much detail about his sexual antics.

However, any man or women who consider themselves as sexual and erotic by nature should read these memoirs.

One finds his 167 conquests believable, as well as most of the amorous rendevouez described.

Jacques Casanova's importance in terms of sexual importance is reflected in his surname which everyone knows what it means in terms of connotation even if they know nothing about him.

Many people neglect the above books as they feel they are to old and not relevant to becoming a more sexual and loving partner. Read them however and you will see how wrong they are!


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