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Sex in Ancient Greece - Views Towards Sex & Positions, Part 2

In the first part of the article we covered the background to ancient Greek society and sex.

Here we will look at more on how sex was viewed and sexual positions. The Greeks (as many ancient societies were) were extremely liberated and sex in ancient times was certainly very different to our view of sex today.

For the man in ancient Greece, considering he was not a slave, but either a citizen, or free man, his choice for sex would be with his wife (doubtful, as you will see below), household slaves, professional prostitutes, or young boys.

The ancient Greek man, as today, was basically bi-sexual, with a preference for pederasty.

The Role of the Wife

The wives of Greek men were to do three things exclusively. They were to bear legitimate children, care for the home, and to cook.

They were not allowed out of the home unattended, ever.

According to our knowledge of the past, the Greek men would marry them at about 14 to 15 years old, and sex with them was often performed in rear entry standing positions.

Sex in bed was not unknown, but the beds were not as they are today, and often an older man on top of a young girl, in a bed, would be inconvenient. The young wives were totally inexperienced, and were mostly ravished by their older and often sated husbands.

One ancient Greek writer mentions a man sodomizing his wife, and being severely punished after being discovered.

Sex in Greek Everyday Life

The homes of the ancient Greeks were full of people.

There were the wives and children, slaves, the slave children and some free man servants.

The Greek man could do as he wished with his slaves.

Pottery always portrays the wives of Greek men fully clothed, even when having sex, while the slaves are always naked.

The preferred sexual positions were standing rear entry, sodomized read entry, and sex on chairs or couches.

Although fellatio was a theoretical taboo, it was widely performed. Slaves and prostitutes were often beaten first to get them to be more compliant.

The third option for the Greek men were hetaera (or educated and groomed prostitutes). They joined the men at their symposia, entertained, argued, and then slept with the highest paying customer.

Their education included also the delights of the bedroom, and it appears that the positions used were varied and inventive. Doggy-style variant positions were featured, and some face to face sexual positions on chairs. Sodomy was an included option in the sexual repertoire.

Another variant of the prostitute was the temple prostitutes, and it seems all their positions were variants of standing positions, both front and rear entry.

The last variant of the prostitute was the chamaitype (or dirt doers).

These were the street girls, and there were neither rooms nor furniture for the couple. Whatever was done was in the street (in the dirt). Conventional doggy-style seems to be their specialty, both vaginal and sodomized. Fallatio was also their specialty, and we know that beating them up before was not required.

Bi Sexuality

The most important variant for the Greek man was the young boy, always less than 17. The older man was the erostes (lover) and young boy the eromenoi, or loved one.

The older man would be responsible for the young man's education, and financial support.

They would appear in public, especailly at the gymnaisium (literally, place to be naked), and fallatio by the young man on the older considered an honor.

Greeks believed semen held man's wisdom and strength, and the young man would necessarily take this from the older one.

Plato's works are full of pederastic implications, and principles, and generally, this form of homosexuality was a completely accepted norm.

It was also practiced by rich freed women, with young girls. The favored sexual position was standing rear entry sodomy.

A comparison

We tend to think that today we live in a society where most sexual preferences are accepted and many talk of a breakdown in moral values, but this is not true when compared to the ancient Greeks!


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