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Sexual Health - Simple Steps For Maintaing Optimum Sexual Health

Sexual health today, is nothing more than an expression of your general state of health. Moreover, your sexual health is a good indication of your general state of health.

If your libido is falling, if you have erectile dysfunction, or painful intercourse, you probably have other conditions affecting your general health.

Here's what to do about guarding your sexual health.

Conditions that Affect Your Sexual Health

There are a few conditions that obviously affect directly your sexual health:

. Overall state of your health
. Obesity (being overweight)
. Sexually transmitted diseases
. Self-Image
. Impotence
. Lack of sexual satisfaction

What can be done about these?

1. If you are overweight, you must go on a diet and stick to it .There is no substitute. Overweight people have a decreased libido. Seek help, do what you have to do, but lose some weight. You will see your sexual health improving in direct relation to the weight loss.

2. Exercise
Is indispensable for sexual health. Whatever your condition is, make a daily effort to exercise, and in the least condition, walk. Walking is one of the best exercises known. It will help you to lose weight as well. Your exercise will help you boost your testosterone levels and this will increase your libido, and sexual ability.

3.Besides dieting, choose foods that promote sexual health.
Make a red list (things not to eat) and a green list (things to eat). The red list Will contain foods that are on your diet as forbidden, but also can contain red meat, junk foods, anything fried, things not fresh, hard alcohol, and other foods that do not promote general health. Your green list will contain lots of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and green tea, for example.

5. Examine your lifestyle.
Are you getting enough rest? Rest and relaxation are crucial to overall health as well as sexual health. Your mood and outlook improves when you are rested and relaxed. You have to include chill out periods during your day, no matter how busy you are, and also sufficient sleep.

6. A major cause in the decline of sexual and general heath is stress.
You must, for the sake of both your general health and sexual health (which is very directly related to stress mis-management), learn stress management techniques.

Lifestyle vs. Sexual Health Issues

Finally you must make a good examination of your whole lifestyle. Are you living the way you really wish to?

Is your sex life satisfactory?

Are you aging earlier than you expected? These are some basic questions that you must answer, and honestly.

If your lifestyle is not promoting your sexual and general health in an acceptable manner, you have to begin to think about changing it. This self-examination is very good for each person, and you can simply sit down by yourself, before you sleep and review your day.

Go over each action you can remember. Think about them, were they correct, clever? Did they bring you happiness and satisfaction? Were you acting positively or negatively?

All of the above affects your sexual health in one way or another. If you would be healthy and happy, you must start now to guard your sexual health.


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