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French Kissing - How To Be The Perfect Kisser!

Sleeping with someone, especially after an evening passion can make you look and feel something less than your best in the morning.

However, a man's testosterone levels are highest in the morning, and if you have some time to spare, sexual passionate encounters in the morning can be a real delight.

Breath, Hair and No Make Up

For most of us, waking up in the morning will not show us in our best light.

Our breath may be not its freshest (due to digestion and other factors), our hair will most likely be a mess, and most girls without their make up can feel at a disadvantage.

Becoming intimate in the morning also requires comes close contact, and many of us would not like to be face to face at that moment.

Sexually however, a man has some out of his recovery phase and may have a substantial erection, and if the woman has not been totally satisfied from the night before then passion can commence

How to Start a Morning Encounter

The easiest way is for some gentle and affectionate massage and kissing. This can go for either partner, and whomever initiates it has to be ready for some convincing if the other partner is still asleep.

However, as some arousal begins, the massage can take the form of fondling and even some penetration with fingers and so on.

Everything gentle and slow however, as from sleep, the body has a lower blood pressure and is totally relaxed. Sexual encounters cause the opposite effect

Choosing a Position

For a morning sexual encounter there are some basic positions that would not be usually acceptable.

The face to face ones are best left for later (breath, hair and make up). This leaves rear entry or side to side positions.

From side to side, there is one position that is perfect for the morning, gives each partner a degree of dignity and allows for wonderful penetration and deep thrusting.

This is called the Star Position.

The Star Position

The star position leave the woman on her back with the man also on his back but from the hips down is underneath the woman.

The couple form sort of a Da Vinci star, and the man can easily penetrate the woman in this pose.

Since this is not a face to face position, the partners can maintain their morning appearance and not gaze face to face while still in the most intimate of all activity.

The movement can be light thrusting or circular thrusting while fully penetrated, or a combination of both.

The g-spot is highly stimulated by the angle of entry and at the same time, you can achieve the debt of rear entry normal penetration.

This position will also tend to delay the man's climax so the woman can be assured of adequate time for her own orgasm.

The star position is the one of choice for early morning sexual encounters.

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