The Brazilian Wax - A Novices Guide

The Brazilian wax is more popular than ever and gives you a clean and sensuous look.

Here we will discuss the Brazilian wax in more detail, how it is done, how long it takes and if it is painful so you know what to expect.

So, let's find out more about the Brazilian wax.

Hair removal is in fashion today, but in truth, there is much evidence of fashionable hair removal in ancient Greece, Egypt, and India.

The expression Brazilian Wax refers generally to the pubic area, and is the total removal of all pubic hair.

Should you have a Brazilian wax?

If you are not sure then try a simple bikini wax first.

This takes most the pubic hair away, except for the most private area so the next step is a totally shaven look.

If the bikini worked for you, and you think you would prefer a completely bare look, then the Brazilian wax is next!

Although most pharmacies and supermarkets sell wax and other depilatories, it's best to have a professional do your Brazilian.

Brazilian Waxing is not a DIY Job!

You can cause real injury to yourself if you don't know exactly what you are doing, but a trained professional will get you your new look in no time with the minimum of fuss and discomfort.

It's not difficult (or expensive) to find a professional today, as most beauty salons are now offering it as part of their services.

Try to get some references on the salon

For example how long they have been in business, how busy they are, and even ask to for some references.

The prices for a good Brazilian wax differ from place to place, city to city and even country to country.

For the US, you can expect to pay anything from $50 to $100.

The Brazilian Waxing Technique

It's a good idea to show up for your appointment freshly bathed.

You will be shown to a therapy room, and after undressing, given a sort of kimono.

There will be a bed/table for you to lie on, and the operator can ask you to lie on your back, and pull you knees up to breasts. If your pubic hair is long, the operator will trim it down. You are now ready to be waxed.

The operator will now apply a special wax to you pubic areas, and surroundings, and as it dries, a cloth is placed upon the upper layer of the wax.

The operator will quickly pull the wax off, and the hair will come with it.

This will be a bit painful.

Although painful it will be tolerable for most people.

Also the operator will make you into a semi-contortionist!

With your legs being spread, or stretched, in very unusual ways.

The operator will work quickly and the whole experience should be over in about 15 to 30 minutes.

At this point, special soothing and healing lotions are applied to keep rashes from forming or for any pubic hair to become ingrown.

Finished, you are now smooth and hairless, and free to enjoy you new look.

Depending on your hair growth pattern, the Brazilian wax should last from 3 to 4 weeks, and sometimes longer.

Also, the more times you have the Brazilian wax, the less hair tends to grow back, so it becomes easier the more times the waxing is done.

In the vast majority of cases the Brazilian wax makes the recipient feel, clean and fresh and for most people it also feels very sexy.

So, you will find that not only may you love your new Brazilian wax and look your partner will to!


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