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The G-Spot - A Woman's Trigger for Mind Blowing Orgasms

The G-spot? Do you know what it is? Where it is? This small article may change your sex life for the better and for good!

Read on and in a few moments you will know all you need to know about a woman's G-spot and what do with it.

Ernst Graftenburg, a German gynecologist discovered the location of a highly sensitive area within the woman's vagina. It is named the G-spot in his honor.

Actually the G-spot is on the front wall of the vagina, about 10 centimeters towards the top of the wall. Graftenburg discovered that just simple and constant pressure stimulation to that area can produce an orgasm.

Anatomically the g-spot is precisely opposite an area wherein the urethra is at its closest to the top of the vaginal wall.

Each woman will have her own special area where the G-spot can be precisely located, so it bears some careful investigation.

To find the g-spot, a woman must be relaxed and comfortable. She must allow you to insert two fingers into her vagina. Once inside (and it's better if you have your fingers lubricated), touch the top of the vaginal wall. There you will soon find an area that is not smooth, but is ribbed with some muscle tissue. If you feel it, you are on the g-spot. Do not exert too much pressure, or you will cause the woman pain and discomfort. However, some firm and constant pressure will soon show you are on the correct area, as the woman will respond very positively.

So, having found the g-spot, what to do now?

. As your fingers are already in position, begin a session of cunnilingus. With pressure on the g-spot and stimulation simultaneously to the clitoris produces the most ecstatic pleasure to almost any woman. You can move your fingers over the g-spot in a "come here!" motion, while you continue the cunnilingus.

Do not stop either the cunnilingus or the moving of the fingers over the g-spot till the woman arrives at her orgasm. You will hear some warning signs by groaning and pre-orgasmic uterine spasms.

Do not stop at this point, but continue. The woman's back will arch and hips rise off the bed, but push them down and continue.

. Another way to stimulate the g-spot is to have the woman-on-top during intercourse. She will find the g-spot herself, naturally, and direct your erect penis to that area herself.

Her motion and rising and falling on your penis will be, without doubt, g-spot oriented. Her orgasm will be enhanced by also the clitoral stimulation by rubbing her pubic area against yours.

. Strangely enough, the rear entry sexual position called "doggy-style" has a wonderful way to stimulate the g-spot. The trusting must be slow and regular, with alternating short and long trusts.

This is a pure sex position with very little ability to fondle, but if the man is able to delay his own orgasm, he will be able to bring great pleasure to his partner.

Do not underestimate the real power of the g-spot in this position.

The g spot is steeped in mystery but all women have one and when you find it and stimulate it correctly your partner will be very grateful

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