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The Kama Sutra - Guidance For Sex and Much More

Many have heard of the Kama Sutra, and if asked, cannot even tell you what it is. Those who answer, often say it's an ancient Indian sex manual, but this is not quite correct.

Indeed the Kama Sutra is from ancient India, and it does contain some description of sexual positions, but the work itself is a life guide for a man; from his childhood till old age.

It considers in one chapter sexual positions, but the other chapters are concerned with those things a man needs to pass through life well.

All too often in our Western society, young men and women learn about their sexuality from other young people, or now films (and books) but these methods often leave the young person perplexed.


Seduction usually means where a man (or woman) is guided by their sexual desire, and persuades the object of that desire into sexual union. The seducer is generally thought to be acting out of lust rather than love.

Seduction is practiced by those who possess either power, money, or a specialized use of psychological persuasion over another person. In our society it is full of negative connotations.

In fact, in Western society seduction was, and often still is, frowned upon. In classical India, it was not and indeed considered an art of manliness.

Instructions from the Kama Sutra

Based somehow on the then (and still prevalent thought) that the soul itself is seduced by God Presence (the Krishna epic stories), the man is taught how to seduce and sexually conquer his object of affection

Not unlike today's scenarios, the man was told to keep a good appearance, perfume himself with costly scents, and present his best image.

He was told to create a romantic atmosphere, wherein flowers were present, delicate sweets offered, and potent wines.

The advice extended to conversations that were loaded with implications of love and desire. The lighting should be low, and if during the day, a romantic shade should be constructed.

Men should, after plying his prey with the various temptations, seek to slowly make some light, physical contact. This can extend to the simple touching of a hand or arm, to more. If a kiss were possible, to kiss.

Seduction and Not Foreplay

Whereas foreplay is a constituent part of the sexual act, seduction here stops with physical contact. Seduction is meant to create a desire where there was none before.

Seduction is meant to kindle the fire of passion.

There is a very thin line drawn in Western thought, between a seducer and a rapist.

In ancient India rape would have been considered an unforgivable sin, and often punished with death.

Seduction on the other hand was an art form, and being so (and still being so) was practiced by masters.

Indeed there are two meanings.

In the Kama Sutra, seduction means an act of winning the love or sexual favour of someone.

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