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Uniforms In The Bedroom - Spice Up Your Sex Life Part 1

If you want to excite your man or you want your partner to excite you try introducing uniforms in the bedroom.


Because, uniforms set off a trigger that is related to our past experiences and are also an escape from everyday reality, into a world of fantasy and pleasure.

Using uniforms in the bedroom to spice up sex lives is fun and more couples than ever are trying it.

Let's look at different uniforms in the bedroom and why they excite men.

1. Uniforms In the Bedroom - Pleasing a Man's Desire

Why do men get turned on my nurse's uniforms?

Quite simply, they associate nurses with caring and making them as happy as possible - i.e a mans needs are being looked after.

Now, when a man sees women in a nurses uniform this trigger of a women pleasing his desires immediately comes to mind and it's a huge turn on.

A similar response can be received from a sexy secretary outfit.

In the office a man may be used to the secretary doing things for him:

Arranging appointments, making coffee and typing, but the fact that he can visualise his secretary pleasing him in the bedroom can set off a huge rush of excitement.

The above uniforms in the bedroom trigger responses of a women pleasing a mans desires - now lets look at the reverse.

2. Uniforms In The Bedroom - Pleasing a Women's Desires

Men are very often in positions of power.

These types of men very often like to reverse roles and have the experience of being under some one else's control.

It's an escape from reality and many men love this fantasy of having to please and women like the idea of a man doing anything for them.

Why do men love women I riding gear?

Think about it.

A women is in a position of power over a large powerful animal, yet she makes him Obey! Not only is the look of tight jodhpurs sexy, you also have shiny black boots and an image of a riding crop and many men want to be the horse!

Of course, this can be taken further with other uniforms such a policewomen or a strict headmistress, both conjuring up images of control.

There is an extension of this into the world of the dominatrix.

Leather, rubber, PVC and high heels all evoke sexiness and power and this is one of the commonest male fantasies:

To submit to a powerful women who knows what she wants and how to get it.

3. Uniforms In The Bedroom - Echoes From The Past

There are many uniforms in the bedroom that are echoes from the past.

The fantasy of women in a school girl's outfit brings back a time where sex was an unknown and hormones and desire were running wild.

By dressing as School girl, the innocence and passion of first love can be re ignited.

On the other hand, school days can be evoked by the strict headmistress, where you did as you were told and had no responsibility.

Uniforms in the bedroom and the responses they can evoke can be a huge turn on for both men and women. There sexy fun and more common than ever.

So if you want to spice up your sex life consider uniforms in the bedroom.

Other ways to spice up your sex life are numerous and are contained in our other articles in this series.


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