Younger Looking Skin - Simple tips To Hold Back The Years

If you want to keep your skin in great condition and get younger looking skin, it's a lot easier and less expensive than you may think.

You don't need expensive beauty creams, you can simply follow the tips below and you will have great looking younger skin, thats radiant and glowing.

1. Protect

It doesn't what day cream you use, for younger looking skin you need to have one that has an SPF 15 level of protection.

This goes for days when the sun is not high in the sky.

Sun damage is the major cause of premature skin aging.

You don't need expensive creams.

One that has SPF 15 for the day and for the night, simply one that you feel comfortable with and is absorbed easily into your skin type, is all you need.

You can spend a few dollars, to several hundred dollars on skin creams, however there will be little difference between them in terms of protecting your skin.

One of the biggest myths of all is nourishing the skin from the outside.

The stories are great and sound convincing, but it's a shame they don't work!

If you want to nourish your skin you do it from the inside.

The foods you eat are important. Don't fall for the hype of the multi billion pound advertising of eternal youth from a pot of cream.

2. Foods to keep your skin young

Multigrain bread

To get plenty of selenium to zap free radicals, which when they get into the body can break down collagen.

Other good foods are shrimps, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds.


Oats contain silicic acid that is responsible for making the spongy like cells that lie between collagen and the elastin fibres of the skin.

This plumps up the skin making it look more youthful and are great for holding back fine lines.

Alternatives are whole grain wheat, Alfalfa the latter which is a popular supplement.

Goji berries & Muesli

The former contains lots of vitamin C (as do other berries) but these contain 500 times more vitamin C gram for gram than oranges, so you get a potent dose and finally, Muesli for Vitamin E.

These vitamins are great for zapping free radicals and protecting the skin naturally from sun damage.

Other good foods for vitamin C are (other berries as stated above) oranges and grapefruit.

For Vitamin E look for sweet potatoes, Sunflower seeds spinach and avocado or you can take evening primrose oil.

As a general rule you should get at least 3 - 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

Great meats

Get plenty of oily fish and aim for 5 servings per week.

Great sources include: Mackerel, salmon, sardines, herrings and salmon.

These fish contain omega 3. This essential fat helps form prostaglandins which are responsible for keeping the skin subtle and hydrated.


Lean steak is great for supplying iron an essential nutrient. If you don't like steak, then you can have mackerel, sardines or dark turkey meat, as an alternative.


A great source of copper which is an essential mineral for the formation melatin which helps reduce the formation of age spots one of the tell tale signs of skin aging.

Beef, sardines, mussels, lobster and sunflower seeds are also good sources.

Last but not least

3. Drink water and lots of it

We can't live without it and it's essential to get plenty to hydrate your skin and flush out impurities. So get 2 - 3 litres a day.

Do the above and

Your skin will look younger and more radiant and you will delay the signs of aging.

One final note, the bulk of the work to keep your skin young comes from the inside, Not the outside.

So forget the miracle creams, nourish from the inside and protect with SPF from the outside and you will have beautiful, radiant, younger looking skin.


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