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Investing In Land

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Howard Hughes was, and Donald J. Trump is still, one of the world's wealthiest investors and they both had one investment in common they bought land for sale to make profits, but more importantly they bought it in the RIGHT location and they made billions.

Today many investors are making triple digit annual profits, with no previous experience from investing in land with very low downside risk. Let's look at the advantages.

Land Banking For Profit

Land banking simply involves buying land in anticipation of development where it can sold at a higher profit

The price of an open space plot, not subject to urban development pressures is low but of course when urban expansion occurs the land rises in value as the land is developed and houses or other structures are built on it.

Land banking has several advantages for investors over other investments and is a great alternative investment that is rising in popularity as more people see its profit potential

The Advantages of Investing in Land.

There are several advantages of investing in land

Land is real. Unlike stocks and shares, land for sale is tangible - it can be visited, it can be looked at and it can of course be walked upon.

Land is a finite resource.

The key to land investing is to buy in countries with a shortage of prime land for building, a solid economy and a population that requires dwellings that will make prime land locations rise in price as they are bought and developed.

Land is an easy to understand investment

Land investment can be understood by anyone and is far easier to understand than most other investments. Most investors can understand that buying land for sale in areas that are likely to be developed are going to yield big profits once developers move in

This makes land banking an understandable investment to all.

Land is a cheap

In comparison with other forms of investment and is of course considerably cheaper than the property that is eventually built upon it.

Land risk to reward

Land increases in value consistently year after year in many countries, due to demand outstripping supply and risk to reward is very favorable in terms of other investments

Pick the right location and you can get huge rewards for very low risk and this is something that all land investors seek.


The key to making big profits in land is to pick the right location. Here are some general guidelines on buying land for sale to make profits.

1. Take advantage of the global economy

Today, with open borders, cheap air travel and generous tax advantages to invest in other countries, more land investors are looking at up and coming overseas locations.

These tend to offer better risk reward than traditional established economies, so when looking at investing in land take a global view.

2. Always buy in a booming economy

Don't try and be a pioneer and simply buy land because you think it may rise in value in the future and it's cheap.

Land in Haiti is cheap and may soar in value in the future! But do you want to take the risk?

The best way is to look for proven markets with booming economies. These will offer you the best risk to reward.

3. Do your homework

When investing in land do a bit of homework and check out the entire local infrastructure and how likely it is to be developed and spend money on a good realtor and lawyer if you are investing in a country other than your own.

This will be money well spent and never buy land without visiting and getting a feel for the area.

4. Buy near proven growth areas

Buy in areas that are popular and growing and also look at the coming infrastructure such as new roads, marinas, airports, shopping centres etc.

Once the infrastructure is complete you are likely to see developments grow up around it and this is an opportunity for a quick sale and a quick profit.

Some of the most sought after land is ocean view property. Sun sea and sand sell and it's a great way to make money as we all want to live near the sea!

Buying land is simple straightforward and really just requires common sense and a little homework which can reward you with big capital gains

Land and real estate

You can of course simply buy land and sell it to developers to make a profit, or you can also build the property itself and make even more money.

More information on buying land and building property can be found in the real estate section of this website.



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