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Managed FOREX

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Forex Trading represents one of the few ways for people to start with small stakes and build real wealth quickly and represents the ultimate home business. On this page you will find 2 reports you can download right now that give you one of the most powerful profit methods of all time! Download them now to your computer - then join our mailing list for new reports - all are FREE and available without cost or obligation.


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Managed FOREX offers investors the opportunity to profit from the constantly changing values on the International inter-bank Market.

Investors in managed FOREX can take advantage of the volatility present in a huge selection of major currencies with the most actively traded being:

The Euro, US Dollar Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc and British Pound.

The Exciting World of FOREX Trading

The world of FOREX trading is one where billions of dollars change hands everyday, making it the world's largest investment medium.

The markets never close. As FOREX trading moves from the banking centers of the Pacific Rim , to Europe and Finally, North America .

Once the preserve of only the wealthy and major banks, the world of managed FOREX is now open to all.

Today, there are many managers who are catering for smaller investors and offering them access to these exciting markets enabling them to increase overall portfolio returns and decrease risk.

FOREX trading offers you the following:

A non-correlated market which has been proven to reduce overall portfolio risk.
A liquid alternative to traditional asset classes.
The opportunity to realize above average returns in comparison with other investments
As one currency rises another must be falling offering constant opportunities for profit.

A non Correlated Investment to Increase Returns & Decrease Risk

Managed FOREX accounts give you access to an investment that is non-correlated to traditional investments enabling investors to reduce risk and increase overall profits which is the aim of all investors.

Choosing a FOREX Manager 

There are many managers out there to choose from who to mange your account however as in all investments, you need to be careful in your selection.

Here are some tips on choosing the right manager for you.

1. the longer the track record the better

As a general view this is true and shows consistency of performance over a period of time. Short term gains in FOREX trading can be luck, so look at the longer term picture.

2. Profit to Drawdown  

We can all handle big profits but can you handle drawdown?

As a general rule the bigger the profit the bigger the drawdown, so when looking at performance take the worst peak to valley drawdown and look at its recovery time.

Here you are assuming that you are investing at the worst possible time and you can decide whether the drawdown fits your risk tolerance.

3. Compensation

Fees vary widely.

You should as a general rule avoid large up front or management fees and go with a manager who is prepared to take his fees based on the performance of the investment.

This may not mean they will make you money, but what it does show is confidence and that's always a good thing.

4. Security of Funds

Look at the security of your funds and how they are held.

Are bank accounts segregated and what protection do you have under the local laws of the country you are investing in?

The security of your funds is very important, so make sure you do due diligence on any manger that you deal with.

All Diversified Portfolios should Trade Currencies

In the hands of the right manager you are getting access to the worlds largest. Most exciting and potentially most lucrative investment market. In addition, you are diversifying your portfolio away from traditional asset classes which is a proven
way to reduce risk and increase capital returns.

Final Words

You need the right manager for your managed FOREX account and the tips
above will hopefully help you find one, which will help you achieve your
investment objectives.




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