Howard Hughes & Donald Trump Made Fortunes Doing This Method & You Can To!

Howard Hughes was, and Donald J. Trump is still, one of the world's wealthiest investors and they both had one thing in common they bought land, but more importantly they bought it in the RIGHT location.

If you want to make 100% + gains in land quickly we will explain exactly how to do it. read below and study the facts and see if this location could make you far more than your under performing stock or mutual funds!

You don't need to be wealthy, it's an affordable investment to all but you do need

Common sense

You don't need a fund manager, all you need is an open mind to study the facts and look for where land is highly likely to be developed and this article will show you how.

Fact is land investments make bigger gains with lower downside risk than ANY other investment, as Donald Trump said:

"I just love land. It's tangible, it's solid, and it's beautiful."

So where should you look to buy land

Costa Rica offers stunning returns.

The average GROWTH over the last 10 years has been 300% but that's an average (still a great return) but with a bit of research you can make even more:

200 - 300% annual gains

People are tripling their money.

So how do you do this?

It's all about location.

For example, you can buy some land in the middle of Arizona for peanuts, however try and buy it on the coast and it will cost you a fortune.

The appeal of the coast

People want sun sea and sand and coastal property everywhere is soaring in value in the USA.

Now consider this:

In Costa Rica you can buy ocean view properties at 70% less than in Arizona or Florida and it's just a 2 hour flight away.

So what's happening?

You guessed already!

Americans are turning their back on over priced US property and buying in this tropical paradise.

Of course these houses have to build on land and it is here where you can make big gains.

Buy land near the developing infrastructure.

For example a new freeway will link the major Pacific towns; a new airport and the biggest marina in the country are being built.

Buying plots of land near these developments and selling when the infrastructure completes, allows you to sell out at a significant profit.

You don't need to be rich and buying is easy.

You can buy land cheaper than real estate and buying process is easy.

Costa Rica has a history of encouraging foreign investment and you get the same rights as residents and tax advantages!

There are plenty of land companies to help you, fill you in on the best locations and local ways of doing business.

All you need is common sense and study the facts

This is an investment that needs common sense and a cool study of the facts.

Is the land you're being shown likely to be developed and sold at a profit?

Many land companies develop the infrastructure and find the builders as well and this is highly attractive to many investors.

American investment is at an all time high in Costa Rica

Americans will continue to pour into Costa Rica to retire, for second and investment homes and these homes have to built on land.

Can you make big gains?

Consider this:

Land sold for $12,000 in Los Seunos was worth $30,000 a year later and the year after that, doubled again to $60,000!

Land investment is not complicated in fact it is the easiest investment to understand.

Its real and their not building it anymore and prime land on beautiful coastline is at a premium so buying it makes total sense as a long term investment.

Land is and has been the major investment for the world's richest investors and could make you significant wealth.

Can land outperform your mutual fund - What do you think?

Doesn't land investment sound better than a poor performing mutual fund and the excuses of a fund manager or them bragging when they make 10%?

Consider the facts above and decide for yourself.

There is no better high return low risk way of making money than land and the track record proves it.

Buy sun, sea and sand in prime locations and you will make great gains year on year - Period.

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